how to do a working spell

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how to do a working spell
Post # 1
i have been trying to do spells, i concentrate and try but thy dont work for me, can sombody tell me what i need to do

p.s. im a newbie
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Re: how to do a working spell
Post # 2
Well, I firstly suggest you study the art of magick. Then if you feel comfortable start with the basics and do them for a year and one day. Learn many herbs to. As a newbie I recommand casting simple protection spells to help you start out.
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Re: how to do a working spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Learn how to build energy, how to shape control energy, how to sense the ebb and flow of energy in everything, how to focus/concentrate on one single goal.

Ever become so excited you felt like jumping up and down and screaming? Well you built up energy to a point where you had to release it in some way, and choose the jumping up and down and screaming. Well if you could harness that energy, harness your mind to focus on one single well thought out goal, and released it while continuing to focus ....THAT is the essence of magick casting. Of course, that sort of energy would be best for a blessing on someone. There is all sorts of energy out there which is why you need to know what is best and how to control your mind.
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Re: how to do a working spell
Post # 4
Rule Number 1: Replenish

Its easy, drink water or wine. Its your mana.

Rule Number 2: Focus, Focus, Focus

To a point of a single target. Clear your mind of others, Just one target. Just One is more than enough.

Rule Number 3: Concentrate

It builds up the energy surrounding it. Its the pre-frontal lobe of the brain which harness this energy building.

Rule Number 4: Cast.

Direct the energy to the focus point that you have created in your mind. So shall it be.

Its that simple.
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Re: how to do a working spell
By: / Novice
Post # 5
grr, newbie eh? a pox on thee!!! [lol, i'm joking]

you need to start slow, the whole walk before you run thing, you need to start with charging and grounding energy. both these can be done in MANY ways, whatever works best for you. the basic ways to charge are meditation, dancing, jumping, chanting, or singing. and for grounding, tapping the ground with your hands, stomping your foot, lying down, or falling down. as long as you feel the energy entering and leaving, you're doing it.

after that, you need to cast a circle [some spells, like protection/purification of the house, or when cooking, you don't need to, but generally you should.] figure out what spell you want to do, gain energy, cast, ground, open circle.

try starting with candle magic, it's rather simple, just make sure you don't blow out the candle, you snuff it out. blowing out the candle typically undoes the spell. [same for the watchtower candles i think, we just always snuff the candles]
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