Energy and pregnancy

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Energy and pregnancy
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
I just wanted to share my experience of how I found out I was pregnant. It was an amazing feeling and wondered if anyone else has done this or things like.

A year and a half ago I noticed I was late but that is sometimes very normal for me so at first I thought nothing of it. One day I was doing a meditation while laying on my back. As I started going through my body with energy I felt and saw something strange. It was a ball of golden light and energy pulsating through my stomach. All of my energy seemed to be concentrated on a life growing inside of me, passing my energy to it and vice versa. It was screaming at me tellin me 'I'm here' and that I how I knew I was pregnant with my beautiful baby boy who is 13 months old. And he is still to this day a ball of golden light in my life!
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Re: Energy and pregnancy
Post # 2
Awww :D That is amazing :) I love our bodies little ways of telling us were becoming a living miracle :D
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Re: Energy and pregnancy
Post # 3
with my first pregnancy (which ended shortly) My boyfriend and I were snuggling and watching a movie. I hadn't missed my period yet, so i wasn't thinking about it. He put his hand down where my uterus is and suddenly there was a shock of energy that shot through the both of us. I bought a test and sure enough, it was positive.
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Re: Energy and pregnancy
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
That's beautiful Raven!

I spotted straight after conception. No surprise there! But I do know what you mean about the energy. And I sensed the actually spirit of my daughter after five months. I became so protective after that, unconsciously always having a hand on my belly. We didn't want to know the gender and I wanted a boy, but I could sense the baby was feminine. I was hoping I was wrong! But my husband was happy, he wanted a little girl. I told him with a fake glare, "I think you won (we had a bet), it feels like its a girl". He beamed!
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