Help with a love spell

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Help with a love spell
Post # 1
Hello everyone!

I am new to this site and to the world of magic. I was casting a love spell yesterday and I think something went wrong.. so I wanted to ask someone about it.

I was casting the 'Bring Back Lost Love' spell provided by 'BloodHorn'. After positioning and lighting the candles I started chanting the words with two pink candles in my hand. After some time the candle in my left hand extinguished itself.. I don't know how because there was no wind in the room. So, I stopped chanting and extinguished the other candles.

My question is.. do you think my spell was casted properly? Can I re-perform the spell to bring more energy to it?
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Re: Help with a love spell
By: / Adept
Post # 2
As with all things when performing a spell, it was a sign. Only you would really know what it means - listen to that small quiet voice in the back of your head.

Questions: Was one candle for you and the other for your lover? Which one went out?

Depending on your situation, i'd take it as a sign that the relationship is pretty well "extinguished," that you're going to need a whole lot more oomph to get it going again. Redo the spell and perhaps add more power. I'm not familiar with the spell, so i don't know what kind of ingredients/variables are involved - just think BIGGER.

You may also want to boost the spell/situation with some more long-term work like a honey jar or another container spell. Consider putting together a love altar and praying and lighting candles for your lover every morning/every Friday/whenever. If you are in physical contact with the person, there are more options to work in some magic.

Reconciliation work is probably one of the hardest types to pull off. You need to feed it a whole lot of energy. I have a few articles and some spells on my old blog under the Reconciliation tab:

Good luck!
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Re: Help with a love spell
Post # 3
Thanks for replying LdyGry!

I don't know what the two candles signify.. I have mailed the person who posted the spell. Hopefully he will be able to give me some insight on it.

My initial thought after the candle extinguished itself was that my wish and prayer has been heard. But after that I have been wondering if that was a bad sign.. as in, the spell didn't work. I will try re-performing the spell with more concentration and faith this time.

Also, I will look through your blog for more tips!

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Re: Help with a love spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Maybe there was a draft? Or maybe that the universe didn't want you to cast that spell. Maybe it wasn't meant to be
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Re: Help with a love spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I don't usually disagree with Lady Grey. But in this case I feel I should give another perspective to this situation. Like her, I would take it as a sign.

But I would see it as a sign that this spell is not the proper one for the situation. Extinguishing candles are a sign of major opposing force. In magick you want to choose the path with the least opposition. One that flows with the natural course of things.

I do agree that you should consider what the left candle represented. If it was your candle, I would say it was a definite sign for you to not continue with the spell or one that takes a similar angle to the situation. This may also mean that you yourself are being opposed. Do you have competition for this "love"? Anyone else desiring this same person? Perhaps it is even a sign that the goal you desire will not end well, and in essence the candle going out represented that you should let go. This is for you to decide.

If it was the other person's candle, then I would interpret it as a sign that your magick hit a figurative brick wall when attempting to influence the person.

Either way, change your approach or reconsider your goal.
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Re: Help with a love spell
Post # 6

Love spells are personal gain, so maybe the universe was doing you a favor :/ Or, like mentioned above, there was probably just a draft.

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