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I need advice

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I need advice
Post # 1
Hello there, normally I would not ask for help, but I am kind of desperate and too stressed out to figure what to do at the moment. Half a year ago my father's mother got cancer, which worried my father's family alot. The only individuals who were able to get information about my grandmother's test results was herself and my father's older sister. After going through alot of tests and surgeries, my grandmother took one final test to make sure erything was fine, but it was taking some time for the hospital to give back the results. My mother is a secretary at the hospital, she and my father seperated when I was a kid, yet my father asked my mother if she would mind taking a peek at the test results (which is illegal), and kind as she is, she did. Luckily my grandmother's cancer was cured, but my father's sister hated the fact that my mother did this so she tried to get my mother fired. She has sent countless letters to the hospital, and now my mother is at the edge of losing her job. It should be said that my father's sister is mentally ill, and she is only doing this to harm my mother. I have always wished the best for my mother, so naturally I would do anything to help her out, because if she gets fired, her economy will be in ruins and she won't be able to work as a secretary ever again. So, what should I do? I really can't think of anything that would help, and even though what my mother did was illegal, she did it fot all the right reasons.
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Re: I need advice
Post # 2

I'd say magick is not your answer. I'd write a counter-complaint, my mum has been doing it ever since she has had a problem. Get everyone she knows to write a letter too, if the support is good enough it will keep your mother in good jobs and maybe up her career!

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Re: I need advice
Post # 3
Eveyone surports her, and my father also did write a complaint letter, it didn't seem to get through to them though. So, should we write another letter in your opinion, or should I stand idle?
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Re: I need advice
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Unless there is proof or your father admited to seeing the results, there shouldn't be a problem. I agree with the others that there should be some positive support to counter the negative.

Legal or court related magick may be tweeked to work in this situation to put things in your mother's favor and allow those "judging" her to give her a second chance.

When a friend of mine was trying to get her son out of jail for something that was actually a mental problem, I used red thread to tie marigolds together and hung them upside down in a window. Then I set a tiger eye charged for success under the hung flowers.
I coupled this with giving her legal advice and she practically built an army of defenders and finally had her son freed.

Your mother will need to gather allies together. People who are respected in the hospital that can vouch for her. As many as she can. Even if she needs to gather letters signed by these people and present them together to her supervisor. She needs to do it.
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Re: I need advice
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
FireBlossom write as many letters as it takes. They can't ignore you forever. All you need is plenty of reasons why she shouldn't be fired. Also try to include something about what you said about her doing it for the right reasons. You can try and talk about your Grandmother's condition and you might get some sympathy from the supervisors and tell them that your mother knows what she did was wrong; she was just very worried about her ex-husbands mother, or something like that. You also don't want to make it sound too sappy or it might look like she can't do her job. Just tell the truth and make sure to try and prove that the hospital would be a horrible place without her. Pretend your writing an english paper or a persuasive essay on why your mother should be kept as a secretary. Also suggest alternative forms of punishment, like a warning or suspension.
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Re: I need advice
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
If the woman who snitched is indeed mentally ill, and there is no proof of your mother looking up the records, and no one else has admitted that she has. Your best bet is to deny, deny, deny! And explain that your aunt has a vendetta against your mother and would lie about anything to hurt her. If there is proof that your aunt is mentally ill, such as therapy sessions, a trip to an institution, doctor records, or medicinal prescriptions. I would use them to discredited your aunt's accusations.
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Re: I need advice
Post # 7
Alright, thank you for the answers everybody, it is very much appreciated. There is evidence that my aunt is mentally ill, and she is getting help I believe, I haven't talked to her for many years. There is, however, not proof that my mother did what she was accused for, but she admitted it, so I suppose it is a bit too late for us to deny. I will try a bit of everything suggested, I will try the non magickal first, and if I do not succeed I will work something out. The thing is, that I also can't think clear because of this, my old aunt has been a pain to us for years now, and I had forgotten about her up until now. I can't help but to think evil thoughts about her, which makes me think unclear when I try to concentrate and work. I appreciate your help very much, and hopefully this will all help. I might try to talk to my aunt aswell.
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Re: I need advice
By: / Beginner
Post # 8
Workers union????
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