A Beginner's Guide to Natural Magick

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Some information on natural magick from Scott Cunningham's 'Earth Power'

Natural Magic Notes

  • Personal Power-Power coming from ourselves used to do simple or complex feats.
  • Earth Power-Power coming from the Earth itself. It can come in many forms, plants or animals, and more.Earth Power is split into four Elements:Earth, Fire, Water, and Air.
  • Projective hand(right hand)-Personal Power is released from this hand.
  • Receptive Hand(left hand)-Earth Power is absorbed from this hand.
  • Charging-A process of sending Personal Power into an Natural object.To Charge, hold the object in your Projective hand, Visualize your Goal, raise Personal Power, then push the Power out of your body through your hand and into the object.

Important Magic Notes
When you recite a spell, use your strongest surest voice. Speaking softly weakens the effect. But sometimes you do have to whisper words, when that happens you have to put a lot of emotion into the whispered words. When reciting a spell, make sure concentration and visualization isn't faltering.
Spell Steps

  1. Goal-Can be anything as long as it isn't something near the brink of impossibility.
  2. Visualization-During a spell, we visualize our Goal without the problems or obstacles in the way.
  3. The Spell-For a spell to work, you need to raise Personal Power(and unite it with Earth Power if it's a Natural Magic Spell), program the Power through Visualization, and Release the Power.

Ritual Info Preparing For A Ritual:

  • Make sure not going to be disturbed throughout your Ritual.
  • Physically cleanse your body and make sure your comfortable with your clothes(avoid synthetic fibers for Natural Magic) or don't wear any at all.
  • Ask yourself if this ritual is necessary for you to reach your goal and that's it's a practical goal, not one at the brink of impossibility.

Once you've finished everything from above, meditate for a few minutes. Now you're ready to do your Ritual. Conducting A Ritual:

  1. Gather your tools.
  2. Meditate a little more.
  3. Start to Visualize as you work with the tools. You may charge something if you have to.
  4. Begin to say or chant the words to the ritual.
  5. Build Power within yourself. If you have to, draw power from the tools.
  6. When you have stored your power to its max, release it into something accordingly to your ritual.
  7. Finally, repeat the ritual until it has taken effect.

Credit goes to CovenofPent for this submission

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