Natural Magick

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Natural Magick
Topics discussed and explored within the coven may include the following:

  • Abilities & Development
  • Altered States of Consciousness
  • Animal Guides
  • Initial Ground Work
  • Connecting with Nature
  • Deities, Entities, & Spirits
  • Divination Methods
  • Kitchen Witchery
  • Sets of Elements
  • Stones, Gems, & Crystals
  • Hellenism, Heathenry, & Shaktism
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Welcome to the Garden!


"Just feel the magic in the air and the power in the breeze. Feel the energy of the plants, the bushes, and the trees. Let yourself be surrounded by nature at it's best. Calm yourself, focus, and let magic do the rest."
- Sally Walker

What natural magic is depends on whose lens one looks through; it could range form a certain mixture of spices, to utilizing the purging qualities of fire, to immersing oneself in all nature has to offer. We as a people come together and remind one another of the qualities existence we might miss on our own. As such, we like to incorporate SilentSyren's quote, "The more you know, the more you realize you don't know; humility looks good on everyone." as it keeps us in perspective that there is so much interaction can help us see things we have not before.

For this, we welcome anyone - from those newly budding to those who have bloomed
and those we honor who have returned to the Earth.


Planting Your Presence


Your profile image, biography, posting history, and submitted application help paint us a picture of who you are and how you will be as a potential coven-mate. We also feel that getting to know us is as important as us getting to know you, so we encourage you to talk with any of us; we all have a voice here.
We wish to promote a family type atmosphere. As such, the following will not be tolerated: homophobia, racism, or bigotry of any kind. No matter your faith or from where you hail, we want you to make this place your home.

Application Survey


If you are unable to properly fill out our application you will not be considered for membership. Please have a profile picture and written bio of some kind before applying.

Please send the following to the High Priest and High Priestess:

1 What would you like to be called?
2 What is your age?
3 What is natural magic and what does it mean to you?

4 Describe yourself as a person.
5 Tell us about some of your hobbies, passions, and interests.
6 If there are any, what are your academic and career goals?

7 What are all of your account names here on SoM?
8 Have you been in a coven before? What were they like?

9 What is it about our coven that you like?
10 How do you feel you'll interact with the coven? How often?
11 Do you use the chatter and forums?

12 What are some of your practices?
13 How long have you been developing your path and what is it?

14 What do you study? Tell us something about it.
15 What fields would you like to learn?

16 Any additional icing you would like to insert?


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