Vampyre fact or fake part 2

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This is part of a series posted to help people understand what they are talking about in the Vamp community and hopefully, learn there actions could be seen as fluff.

Part 2

Are Vampyres physically immortal? Of course not silly, we are talking about physical people that feel there spirit is that of a Vampyre or a human being that follows a predatory path called Vampyrisim.

Are Vampyres the spawn of Satan, created by the Devil and or somehow cursed? Despite the view of some Practitioners in the field, this is not true.

Do Vampyres fear religious symbols or can they burn or somehow disintegrate by touching holey water? For those Vampyres that are practicing Catholics, I should think not. If there was any validity to this, we would have heard of it on the news by now.

Are Vampyres Satanic? Despite popular belief, a Vampyre can be Jewish, Catholic, any denomination of Christians, Buddhists, Islamic or any religion. One that is a Vampyre has just as much of a right to chose a religious preference as those that are non Vampyres.

Are Vampyre harmed by Silver? I thought the Silver myth was relating to Werewolves, but they are not actually harmed by such things. Some may be allergic to it, however non Vampyres can also be allergic to it. Would they die if you shot them with a Silver bullet? Ask yourself this; wouldn't you die if you didn't receive medical attention? Now answer that question for yourself.

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