Aura v. true nature

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This article explores theories people have about the aura.

Aura v. true nature

Some people hypothesize the Aura is a reflection of one?s ?true nature? at any given moment. What is meant by this statement is that our society in general holds and emphasizes different cultural norms depending upon where you are located and what the culture has defined as appropriate societal norms. Think about this for a bit. In general, from around the middle of the middle class spectrum continuing to the upper class society people seldom swear. They don?t tell people off (or you get people such as my-self that tell others off using large words the person has likely never heard of before and unless the person is highly intelligent, the person will not understand how you put them in their place, only that you did it and they don?t understand how to respond. Example; you get hit on by a guy that isn't very intelligent. You have continuously turned down and you have had enough. Try telling him you just can?t go out with a guy that doesn't know how to properly conjugate a verb. *after you have been nice about it for a long time).

Yet, I digress. In some situations society frowns on free will pushing conformity. (Neither is a bad thing if it is balanced) Kids learn in school the things the government believes children should know. (How many times have you used Pie R square since you have been out of school?) True nature is when we get rid of the social norms and superficial behaviors becoming conscious of our natural spontaneous state. I believe both are important. Obviously we wouldn't want someone spontaneously going to the bathroom in the middle of the conveyance store. Given aura colors change your true thoughts and or feelings can show through, unless you?re cloaking your energy. The Etheric spirit or body appears to be the color that does not change. It may appear on your skin instead of the surroundings. When I first saw my sole/ Etheric body etc., I couldn't understand why there was gold on my face. I don?t consider myself a very spiritual person and my brightest color of my aura is usually Indigo. After much research, I theorized people are seeing their sole/light body/Etheric body on their skin. I believe this is the color people are speaking of when they state the aura color stays the same. Anyway to some extent this notion is true.

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