Creating an Angel Alter

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An altar provides a powerful focus for meditation, contemplation and tha sacred aspects of our lives that we wish to develop. In this article, you will learn about and how to create/build your Angelic Altar.

An altar is an important link in establishing a powerful connection with the celestial realms. It is a tangible focus, a portal to serenity, somewhere you can still your mind and open your heart to the Angels. It will quickly become your own sacred space, a sanctuary for your soul that is charged with harmonious energy, somewhere you can come to each day to seek renewal.

Creating an Angelic Altar offers valuable grounding to your spiritual transformation, providing and oppurtunity to explore your creativity, expressing yourself emotionaly, aristically and spiritualy. Angels are attracted to places of joy, harmony, love and peace.

Choose items for your altar that have been inspired by the Angels through your meditation. Only include items that have meaning for you. These will help you become more mindful of the issues and challenges of the particular aspect of your life you are currently seeking to harmonize.

Once you have established a daily routine of attending your Angelic Altar - whether to clean, purify or reorganize it, or to change some of your sacred objects or tlight your candles - it willbe much easier to include a set amount of time for meditative thought and prayer.


It can be a valuable exercise to meditate on what iems to include in your altar before you start, allowing your angels to guide you. What matters most about your altar is the way it affects your inner being. It should make you feel centred, loving and open to the Angelic qualities of love, beauty, harmony and peace.

Experiment with the layout; if an item irritates or upsets you, or is less than inspiring, remove it. You could place crystals, Angelic art, photo's of loved ones, shells, bells, incense, candles, flowers, essential oils, religous icons, angel cards, wind-chimes, feathers or a small notebook and pencil on your altar.

Remember to place a representation of anything you want to bring into your life, such as love, spiritual wisdom, compassion, peace or abundance.


Make sure you never leave unattended lit candles on your altar; ensure that the room is well ventilated as candlesconsume oxygen, which can lead to headaches and drowsiness.

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