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This article contains infroamtion on making and using magic oils.


Magic oils can be used for anointing ritual items or yourself. They are most often used to draw people, money, etc into your life.

Carrier Oils:

To make a magic oil, you will need a carrier oil. A carrier oil is used to dilute essential oils so that they don't irritate the skin. I personally use olive oil or Vitamin E oil, but you can use any of the following:

*Safflower Oil

*Sunflower Oil

*Coconut Oil

*Apricot Kernel Oil

*Almond Oil

*Hazelnut Oil

*Grapeseed Oil

*Jojoba (This is one of the most popular, as it is a form of liquid wax. Thus, it doesn't go rancid and last longer than regular oils do.)

Essential Oils:

Now that you have chosen a carrier oil, you will need essential oils associated with your intent. I have provided a list below to help you with choosing essential oils.

Apricot Oil: Aphrodisiac

Basil: Helps avoid conflict, encourages happiness, peace, and stimulates the mind. It can also be used to help attract money.

Benzoin: Personal power and stimulation of the consciousness mind.

Bergamot Mint Bouquet: Money and protection.

Black Pepper: Protection and courage.

Camomile: Meditation and peace.

Camphor: Purification and celibacy.

Cardamom: Love and sexuality.

Cedarwood: Helps enhance spirituality.

Cinnamon: This oil is quite strong and should only be used in one or two drops, as it can be very irritating to the skin. It is used to attract money and improve psychic abilities.

Clove Oil: this oil is quite strong and should only be used in one or two drops, as it can be very irritating to the skin. It is used to attract courage and protection.

Coriander: Healing and love.

Cypress: Used in blessings, consecration, and protection oils. It also stimulates healing and eases emotional pain.

Eucalyptus: Healing and purification.

Frankincense: Helps with spirituality and mediation.

Geranium, Rose: Protection

Ginger: Sexuality, love, courage, passion, protection, and money.

Grapefruit: Purification

Jasmine: Symbolizes the moon, attracts love, improves psychic abilities, sexuality, promotes peace, and spirituality.

Juniper: Protection, purification, and healing.

Lavender: Health and healing, love, peace, and the consciousness mind.

Lemon: Lunar blends, worn during the full moon to attune with the lunar energies. Also used in purification and healing oils./p>

Lemongrass: Psychic abilities and purification.

Lemon Verbena: Love.

Lime: Purification and protection.

Lotus Bouquet: Spirituality, healing, and meditation.

Magnolia Bouquet: Meditation, psychic abilities, and love.

Myrrh: Spirituality, meditation, and healing.

Neroli (Orange Flower): Happiness and purification.

Niaouli: Protection.

Oakmoss Bouquet: Money.

Orange: Solar blends, used in purification oils.

Palmarosa: Love and healing.

Patchouly: Money, sexuality, and energy.

Peppermint: Purification.

Petitgrain: Protection.

Pine: Purification, protection, money, and healing.

Rose: Love, peace, sexuality, and beauty.

Rosemary: Love and healing.

Sandalwood: Spirituality, meditation, sexuality, and healing.

Sweet Pea Bouquet: Attracts new friendships and love.

Tangerine: Power and strength.

Tonka Bouquet: Money.

Tuberose Bouquet Peace, love, and relaxation.

Vetivert: Money.

Yarrow: Love, courage, and psychic abilities.

Ylang-Ylang: Love, peace, and sexuality.

Crafting your Magical Oils:

To make your magic oils, you will need 1/8 of a cup of the carrier oil and drops of your essential oils. The number of drops of essential oil you use is up to you and can vary from mixture to mixture.

Once you have the carrier oil and essential oils, add the essential oils to your carrier oil. As you add them, visualize them blending and working to bring about your desired intent.

For example, if I were making a healing oil I would add 6 drops of lavender and 4 drops of sandalwood essential oils to 1/8 of a cup of olive oil. As I added and mixed each of the essential oils with the carrier oil I would visualize them speeding my healing and recovery. I would then place a few drops of the oil on my wrists and neck, visualizing them speeding my healing as I did so. You could also use the oil to anoint candles for a healing ritual.


The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews - Written by Scott Cunningham.

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