Visualization Technique

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For helping to make decisions.

Okay, so this is a general technique. I came up with it, and use it for everything. This particular example, however, is for those of you that cannot decide between dark or light, black or white magick. Yes, I am aware that magick has no color. But it is easier for us to differentiate between the them, regardless.

Step One:

Usually, I get in a meditative position, either with candles or music and the like. Make sure you are comfortable, and that no strain will come to you. Relaxation is key, just don't be too relaxed. Don't want you falling asleep.

Step Two:

Take a few deep breaths. Center yourself.

Step Three:

Close your eyes. In your mind, picture two sides of something. In this case, we are envisioning White magic on one side, and Black magic on the other. While I've stated before that I know magick has no color, I will state again that it does help to differentiate between them.

Now. This might be a little hard to do for some people, other's it may be easy. This should be fairly easy, for beginners as well. Take one last deep breath. Exhale, and release a little energy. Focus hard on the energies radiating from the two sides. Whichever one seems to flare more, and draw to you, is the one.

Now, I'm not saying you HAVE to stick with the choice, but 99/100 times, it is the right path and you should stick with it. This is just a little tip. If you need more explanation on how this is done, please feel free to message me.

Thank you, and be blessed;


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