Void Meditation Aplication

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How to truly apply this meditation and turn it into a working of even greater power. By: Vladimier Valentine

After you finish doing my Void Meditation you may then do one of these things: Use Your State Of Mind For Highly Powerful Energy Working, Return Memories And View Dreams.

Energy Working

When in the Void state of mind you must then do what I have suggested in my Energy Working document. This can be found in this coven's rituals.

Dreams And Memories

What must be done here is after the Void Meditation 15minutes, has been accomplished it is up to you to choose a memory or dream and drag it forth out of the storm you learned of in the meditation. Drag it forth and visualize yourself in complete control of the situation and all around you. This storm is now your mind, you must know that you are in utter control. From here you can play back memories and dreams by simply bringing them up, visualize it almost as if it were a tape you were pausing, rewinding, fast forwarding, and playing. I may add elaboration to this at some point.

If you are hurt attempting one of my workings it is not my fault but yours.

By: Vladimier Valentine

This article was contributed by Baron La Croix.
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