1oz Goofer's Dust

1oz Goofer's Dust

1oz Goofer's Dust

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Goofer's Dust is most well known to the hoodoo practice, where it is used in powerful curses against your enemies.

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1oz Goofer's Dust Reviews:

Rated 5 out of 5 from 1 reviews.

By BitchWitch19
I just used this product in performing a curse spell on someone because I found out that this person I have been calling my best friend for almost a decade has been lying to me for years. She is a compulsive liar, manipulates to get her way, and uses everyone. She's the type of person that had a sugar daddy and put him into bankrupsy. She's had eight boyfriends at once in which we would hang out with all of them. My mother is sick with MS, leshions on her brain, and a cyst on her brain. This girl posted a video on her facebook of my mom yelling saying,"Look what I have to deal with everyday." She just disgusts me. The man that I love told me that this girl has been lying to me for years. I finally had enough and kicked her out of my house when she was living with me. I'm hoping that this product increases and inhances the powers of my curse I casted upon her.
5/5 stars