4dr Reversible Oil

4dr Reversible Oil

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4dr Reversible Oil

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Unlock the power of reversal with our Reversible Oil in a convenient 4 dram vial. This specially formulated anointing oil is designed to counteract and reverse any unwanted magic or negative energies directed towards an individual. With its potent properties, it aids in the removal of curses, hexes, and other malevolent influences, returning the energy to its source. Perfect for those seeking protection and energetic cleansing, this Reversible Oil is a powerful tool for spiritual practitioners.

Physical Appearance:

Our Reversible Oil comes in a 4 dram vial, containing 1/2 oz (approximately 1.8 ml) of fragrance oil. The compact size ensures ease of use and portability. The vial is crafted to preserve the oil's potency and features a convenient dropper for precise application. Please note that this oil is intended for external use only.

Instructions and Suggested Uses:

Anointing Rituals: Before engaging in any rituals or spellwork, apply a small amount of Reversible Oil to your fingertips and gently anoint yourself. Focus your intention on reversing any negative energy or magic directed towards you, visualizing it being sent back to its origin.

Protection and Cleansing: Use Reversible Oil to create a protective barrier around yourself or your living space. Anoint doorways, windowsills, or personal items with a few drops of oil to repel and reverse any harmful energies or intentions.

Mirror Magic: Reversible Oil works synergistically with mirror magic. Apply a drop of oil onto a small mirror and use it as a focal point during your rituals or meditation. Visualize the reflection of negative energies being reversed, dissolved, and sent back to their source.

Personal Empowerment: Anoint yourself with Reversible Oil when you feel the need to reclaim your power, release any energetic attachments, and break free from negative influences. Use it to reinforce your resilience and protect your energy field.


Discover the captivating benefits of our Reversible Oil:

Reversal of Unwanted Energies: The specially formulated oil aids in reversing and countering any negative magic or energy directed towards you, returning it to its source.

Protection and Cleansing: Use Reversible Oil to create a shield of protection around yourself, your space, or your belongings. It helps to repel and reverse harmful energies, curses, and hexes.

Energetic Balance and Harmony: By reversing and removing negative influences, Reversible Oil supports energetic balance, helping you regain a sense of harmony and well-being.

Amplification with Mirror Magic: When combined with mirror magic practices, Reversible Oil enhances the power of reflection, allowing you to reverse and deflect negativity more effectively.

Experience the power of reversal and energetic protection with our Reversible Oil. With its potent properties and convenient vial size, it is a valuable addition to your spiritual toolkit. Safeguard yourself from unwanted energies, reverse negative influences, and reclaim your energetic sovereignty with this powerful anointing oil.

Oils are used in spiritual and religious practices. They may be used to anoint candles, heated in diffusers for a pleasant aroma or dabbed on skin as a perfume or cologne.

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