Flower Mortar & Pestle

Flower Mortar & Pestle

Flower Mortar & Pestle

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This mortar and pestle set has been wonderfully crafted of soapstone, presenting each piece with swirling colors of deep reds and soft greens and all of the natural, rich tones of the earth. This alone would create a beautiful addition to your tools for the altar or herbal studies, but this set comes a step further, and has carved with exquisite detail a repeating floral pattern that encircles the whole of the mortar's exterior. This makes it an enchanting piece, lovely to look upon and adding a bit of joy to your labors as you grind herbs and minerals for your recipes, whether you're working for alchemy, magic or dinner. The mortar is approximately 4" wide at the edges of the rim, with a 3 1/4" diameter around the mouth. It stands 2 1/2" high and comes with a 3 3/4" pestle.

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