Nag Champa & Palo Santo Stick Incense 6pk

Nag Champa & Palo Santo Stick Incense 6pk

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Nag Champa & Palo Santo Stick Incense 6pk

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Combining the wonderful energies of Nag Champa with the potent powers of Palo Santo wood this high quality hand rolled incense package contains 6 sticks. Nag Champa is associated with protection, purification, exorcism, healing, spiritual awareness, mental clarity, and meditation as well as evolution, high vibrational energy, balance, harmony, and peace. It may also reduce the influencing energy of addictions and obsessive behaviors while restoring strength to the body, mind, and soul. Palo Santo translated means holy wood and is associated with spiritual growth, protection, purification, grounding, and healing, as well as creativity, good fortune, attracting positive energy, and ancient wisdom.

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