Simply Wicca

Simply Wicca by Leanna Greenway

Simply Wicca by Leanna Greenway

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AUTHOR: Leanna Greenaway
PUBLISHER: Zambezi Pub
DATE: 2007
PAGES: 160
ISBN: 9781402744860


Leanna Greenaway takes a contemporary approach to Wicca, also known as witchcraft, and shows you how to use it as a healing and positive force. Practice magic with tarot cards, magnets, and pendulums. Cast love, health weath, family happiness, and career spells. And discover which herbs are beneficial when conducting spells and rituals. Greenaway makes these life-affirming, ancient Wicca traditions meaningful and accessible to you today. The user-friendly, beautifully illustrated books in this series demystify a variety of divination systems, including astrology, dreams, numerology, palmistry, Chinese astrology, color therapy, crystals, fortune telling with playing cards, handwriting analysis, runes and face reading. Paperback, 160 pgs.

160 pages

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