Goodly Spellbook

Goodly Spellbook
Goodly Spellbook

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AUTHOR: Coven Oldenwilde
ISBN: 9781454913924


Youre not alonethe majority of the worlds people believe that its neither men nor money that rules the world but magic. Millions continue the age-old tradition of casting goodly spells to achieve health, wealth, peace, strength, and joy in their lives. Folks who do such spellwork are justifiably proud. Blessed with both common sense and conscience, they need never waver in the certainty of what is and always has been. Many still wish on stars, plant by the Moon, and bid the rain to "go awaycome again some other day." They still glory in the innate power of their wind-swept hair and become enchanted when a balefire meshes with the shadows like well-woven cloth. Some of us, ecstatic few, delight that by our own rites, we make the seasons turn and the corn grow tall. We take away colic and lullaby the world to sleep with whispered songs we remember fondly from childhood. Sparkling, ecstatic eyes that mirror moonlight are our most common feature. Like innumerable midwives, Gypsies, and granny doctors who preceded us, spellworkers still thrive, devotedly working hand in hand with the powers of Nature. This is a 475 page softcover book.

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