Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian Magic

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AUTHOR: Paul Mirecki, Lewis Spence
PUBLISHER: Barnes & Noble
DATE: 2005
PAGES: 320
ISBN: 9780760770399


The myths and legends of ancient Egypt still reach out to us across nearly six thousand years with timeless and universal expressions of human hopes and fears that are sometimes quite familiar, sometimes quite strange. Without myth, the writing of history and our knowledge of the past would be impossible; without the writing of history, myth would be pointless. This informative and important book, first published by Lewis Spence in 1915, is a useful introduction to the study of Egypt. Within you'll find information on: Exploration, History, and Customs The Priesthood: Mysteries and Temples The Cult of Osiris The Great Gods Egyptian Literature Magic Foreign and Animal Gods: The Late Period Egyptian Art This is a 295 page softcover book.

320 pages

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