Magick Book Four

Magick Book Four

Magick Book Four

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WEIGHT: 5 lbs
AUTHOR: Hymenaeus (EDT) Beta, Leila Waddell, Mary Desti, Aleister Crowley
PUBLISHER: Red Wheel/Weiser
DATE: 1998
PAGES: 928
ISBN: 9780877289197


Regarded as one of the greatest works of Aleister Crowley, Magick, Book Four is the book in which he sets forth the theories and techniques to create the fundamental textbook of modern magick.

928 pages

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Magick Book Four Reviews:

Rated 5 out of 5 from 1 reviews.

By ChironJackal
If you are interested in the magickal system put forth by Aleister Crowley, you are VERY interested in this book. Absolutely huge, contains multiple photographs, illustrations, and charts. It is divided into four parts; Mysticism (refering primarily to the mystical and mental portions of Yoga), Magick - Elemental Theory (deals with importance, symbolism, and considerations of magickal tools), Magick in Theory and Practice (this is most of the book. It covers postures, his definition of Black magick, alchemy, communicating with spirits, etc.), and Thelema - The Law (Life of Crowley, translation of Stele of Revealing, Invocation of Horus, and notes on recieving Liber AL) It's worth every last penny.
5/5 stars