Talk to the Hand

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Talk to the Hand by Vernon Mahabal
Talk to the Hand by Vernon Mahabal

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Palmistry is an ancient science and an unsurpassed tool for character and emotion analysis. Everyone has the ability to tap its potential for insight, reflection, and greater understanding?and world acclaimed palmistry expert Vernon Mahabal will show you how. Talk to the Hand reveals the tricks of the palm reader's trade and is organized around the most popular questions and inquiries the author has received over the years. It serves as a fascinating field guide for those who want a quick, accurate way to assess their own and other people's talents, abilities, psychology, and emotional personality. The diagrams and accompanying texts are deliberately simple and straightforward, providing quick access to vital answers and potential solutions to pressing questions. The information found here is based upon extensive background research and years of the author's experience working with thousands of people.

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Talk to the Hand by Vernon Mahabal Reviews:

Rated 1 out of 5 from 1 reviews.

On page 41 he gets political. He seems to think, "traditional gender roles" should be reinforced. That and acts as if low morals are a result of, "abnormal sexuality" so rather homophobic. That and marriage is inherently spiritual/religious and without it a society cannot be wholesome (sorry Atheists). On page 37, he gets into Vedic (Hindu) karma. Which the way he explains it sounds very victim blamey. "If a child grew up with an absent father, this child himself was an absent father in a previous life." So if you have a bad life, it's because you deserve it according to him. On top of everything else, he rarely mentions anything about palm reading. A lot of it is talk about his mentor for too long then on the side mention one line on the hand, now back to my life story. This is how he fills up pages and pretends like he knows anything. Half of the book could be omitted and it would make no difference. The last thing I would like to mention is the way he puts down other palm readers repeatedly and sternly. They won't teach you right, they don't know what that really means, blah blah. So he pushes the, "I'm right, everyone else is wrong, only trust me and what I say" narrative quite hard. All in all, this is a terrible book that is best avoided. You will not learn much of anything even if you do agree with his politics, which have no place in a palm reading book. If I wanted to read about politics, I would not have picked a palmstry book, now would I?
1/5 stars