Rites Of Odin

Rites Of Odin

Rites Of Odin

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WEIGHT: 1.2 lbs
AUTHOR: Dion Fortune, Ed Fitch
PUBLISHER: Llewellyn Worldwide
DATE: 1990
PAGES: 150
ISBN: 9780875422244


A complete source on Odinism, Rites of Odin brings ancient values to the solitary seeker, helping to bring the Old Ways to the individual and families who wish to be unified by the warmth of these ceremonies.

150 pages

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Rites Of Odin Reviews:

Rated 2 out of 5 from 1 reviews.

By ChironJackal
Pretty bad, really. It has a few good ideas for holidays in it. Nearly all of the book is "rituals." The rituals are mostly clumsy speeches and every ritual starts exactly the same. Furthermore there are three versions of each ritual; one for a huge gathering, one for a family setting, one for a solitary practitioner. All three versions are nearly identical. If you removed all the content that was just repeated between rituals the book would be about a third of its current size.
2/5 stars