Win Mate of Choice Talisman

Win Mate of Choice Talisman
Win Mate of Choice Talisman

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Utilizing sacred geometry this magical seal was created to aid the wearer in attracting and winning over the heart of their special someone. 1 1/4", Pewter, and comes with a cord.

Did you know? An Amulet protects a wearer from evil, whereas a Talisman gives the wearer power. That is how we divide our amulets and talismans in the shop. If you can not find what you are looking for in one section, try the other.

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Win Mate of Choice Talisman Reviews:

Rated 4 out of 5 from 2 reviews.

This necklace works for me by far. I found a love of my life, but it wasn't exactly what I was expecting. However, I should've expected this, but I can't this necklace's magic wonders. Four stars ,to make it very good, because of its unpredictability.
4/5 stars
This amulet works great! I've been wearing it just the past two days and already I can tell there are differences! This amulet really does help you in being with the person that you want to be with but it's not too forceful. It has made improvements for me by bringing me and the person closer together. It's efficient with your communication with the person you want, your view point, and it more so enhances your bond with the person. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone in wanting to win over someone that they want to be with in a relationship.
5/5 stars