Healing Power Talisman

Healing Power Talisman
Healing Power Talisman

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COLOR / MATERIAL: Gold (color)
WEIGHT: 0.04 lbs


Charged with healing energy to aid the wearer with rapid healing, this talisman was crafted from Pewter and dipped in a gold color. The color gold is associated with healing of the sacral chakra and the entire immune system. 1" and comes with a cord.

Did you know? An Amulet protects a wearer from evil, whereas a Talisman gives the wearer power. That is how we divide our amulets and talismans in the shop. If you can not find what you are looking for in one section, try the other.

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Healing Power Talisman Reviews:

Rated 5 out of 5 from 1 reviews.

Dear Reader, I have done some healing spells, and this extremely powerful amulet gives the extra boost of healing energy's that are needed. I am very blessed to have this working in my life, and given time this amulet is just what is needed for healing; I am happy to say that I damaged my hand and this amulet coupled with some healing magic is just what was needed to heal my finger of Mercury and is a extremely powerful amulet weather you desire to wear it or not it does work wonders and thankfully the Amulet of healing power is just the proper amulet for healing. I really like the fact that the healing energy and healing power is here for everyone to use, this is a blessing. Sincerely rowl's.
5/5 stars