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Destroy All Evil Amulet

Destroy All Evil Amulet

Destroy All Evil Amulet

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A layered sigil created to catch all negativity before reaching the possessor of the amulet and destroying it. Aids in the protection from evil charms, spell, and hexes directed at the bearer as well as keeping feisty spirits at bay. 1" Pewter with black enamel. Comes with a cord to wear about the neck or use as a ward near entryways into the home. Most amulets are for protection in general or for a specific purpose. They are often worn but can also be displayed. Charging the amulet can be done by leaving it in moon light particularly on the full, leaving it upon an altar with other items of significance such as crystals and other elemental representations as well as those symbols of deity, one can also charge the amulet with their own personal energy just by wearing or carrying this magical symbol.

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Destroy All Evil Amulet Reviews:

Rated 3 out of 5 from 5 reviews.

By on
Pretty good amulet but there wasn't a metal loop to put the cord through and the hole pre drilled was too small for the cord and was painted over.
3/5 stars
By on
I actually didn't read the other reviews for this when I originally purchased the amulet. I only saw them afterwards, and was a little concerned about what I'd get. However, I didn't have any issues with this item. The metal loop, that allows you to slip the cord through to fashion it into a necklace, was closed tightly and was just the right size for the cord. The ends of the cord were a little frayed and that made it slightly difficult to get it through the hoop, at first, but wetting the ends made it much easier. The cord provided was also very large so you could easily adjust it to fit your size. The amulet was a little smaller than expected, slightly larger than a quarter, but over all I am very pleased with this item. It makes a nice necklace and could easily be worked into protection sachets as well.
5/5 stars

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