Speak with Animals

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 lb. of red grapes (these may be store bought, but must be organic)
  • 4 cups of pure, distilled water
  • 1 cup of raw, organic sugar (this may be store bought)
  • 1 Tbsp of anise seed (this may be store bought, but must be organic)
  • 1 Tsp of sea salt (preferably gathered using the method detailed in the Appendix section)
  • 1 small piece of red or black agate (preferably found)

This ritual, while difficult to master, is simple to learn. This particular example will describe the steps for communicating with a domestic house cat, the Western world's most popular companion.

Casting Instructions for 'Speak with Animals'

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The most fundamental aspect of telepathic communication with animals is an understanding of grounding. Grounding, within the field of electrical theory, is a return path for electrical current; a direct connection to the earth, typically. So too is it for rituals of natural origin.

Telepathic communication is fundamentally astral; that is, it exists of another plane. As such, a ground is required through which astral energy can flow freely into our dimension.

For the ritual Speak with Animals, this ground takes the form of an elixir.

1.1 Basic Elixir Principles

  1. They must be taken from natural sources. Ingredients for elixirs should rarely, if ever, be purchased from stores. Their connection with the earth is usually unreliable, if ever it was established.

  2. They must be prepared by the user. This is essential to the success of the creation; it relies entirely on your powers, and will work only for you.

  3. They degrade over time. The rate of decay is difficult to determine, but it is most important to know: elixirs are most potent at the moment of their creation.

This ritual guide will instruct you in the preparation of an elixir specifically for speaking with animals.

1.2 How the Elixir Works

This elixir works by creating a region-specific ground to a specific animals ancestral point of origin. By linking astral energies with this point, a strong metaphysical bond can be temporarily established.

Telepathic communication is made possible by the link of astral energies.

In this specific case, the ingredients have been chosen to reflect the target animals ancestral point of origin; the grapes and anise seed are ingredients of a beverage traditionally consumed in the Middle East, the domestic house cats point of origin; the agate, a precious stone of reputed magical power also found in the region; and various other ingredients associated with such elixirs.

Elixer Materials

As explained before, this particular elixir will enable users to speak telepathically with a single, specific domestic house cat. Ingredients specific to this ritual will be annotated and explained.

Note: Two incarnations of this elixir will be provided herein, and the differences in potency, ritual length, and elixir decay rate will be explained.


  1. 1 lb. of red grapes (these may be store bought, but must be organic)

  2. 4 cups of pure, distilled water

  3. 1 cup of raw, organic sugar (this may be store bought)

  4. 1 Tbsp of anise seed (this may be store bought, but must be organic)

  5. 1 Tsp of sea salt (preferably gathered using the method detailed in the Appendix section)

  6. 1 small piece of red or black agate (preferably found)

Note: These materials are most effective when grounded to the earth, e.g. home-grown. While this can often be difficult or impractical, a simple process can increase the efficacy of store-bought, organic materials. See re-grounding in Appendix section.


  1. Small bundle of tinder, suitable for burning (should be of natural origin)

  2. Mortar and pestle

  3. Cat (with which to communicate)

  4. 64 oz Glass vessel (optional)

2.1 Preparing the Elixir

  • The grapes should be crushed in a large, preferrably glass, bowl, extracting the available juice. Drain the juice from the crushed grapes, saving the juice, and discarding the crushed grapes.

  • Bring water to a boil, purifying the solution and purging it of contaminants that would negatively affect the ritual. Once the water is boiling, remove it from heat, and mix in sugar. Let the solution cool.

  • Using a mortal and pestle, crush the anise seed and sea salt.

  • Once the water is sufficiently cooled (warm to the touch, but no more), mix it together with the grape juice, anise seed, and salt.

Method 1: Alcoholic Elixir

  • Transfer the mixture to the glass vessel. Cover the open top with a thin, breathable cloth. Place the vessel, now containing the mixture, in a dark, warm (65 to 75 degrees farenheit) room for 12-14 days.
  • During this time, the solution will ferment, the natural yeasts present on the grape skin consuming the available sugars. This creates alcohol, and this method should only be used by adults of legal drinking age in their respective countries.
  • After 12-14 days, wrap the agate in tinder. Set the bundle alight, ensuring the agate physically contacts flame. While the stone is still hot, pitch it (with the ash on its surface) into the solution. This will activate the elixir.
  • Note: This elixir may be preserved for 5-7 days with little effect to potency if stored properly (see storage method detailed in Appendix section).

Method 2: Non-alcoholic Elixir

Note: This method is equally potent, though the observed decay rate is much faster than the alcoholic elixir.

Immediately after mixing the ingredients, wrap the agate in tinder. Set the bundle alight, ensuring the agate physically contacts flame. While the stone is still hot, pitch it (with the ash on its surface) into the solution. This will activate the elixir.

Note: This elixir may be preserved for 2-4 days with little affect to potency if stored properly (see storage method detailed in Appendix section).

Using the Elixir

Using the elixir is a simple process. It requires a quiet, focused mind (see focusing techniques in Appendix section), an environment free of distractions, the elixir, and the cat with which the user intends to communicate.

Once these elements have been achieved, the user should drink the elixir. Due to variation in ingredient quality, user experience, and atmospheric disturbances, there is no accurate recommendation regarding the amount to be consumed. As a general rule, users should begin with small quantities no more than three or four mouthfuls in order to gauge the effects of the elixir. Once a baseline has been established, carefully consume the amount necessary to the first stage of the ritual.

3.1 Stage One: Cerebral Glow

A common feature of elixirs, Cerebral Glow is the beginning phase of any elixir-based ritual. It is characterized by intense, but soothing, warmth experienced in and around the brain.

During this stage, isolate yourself with the target. There should be no other visible animals in the area. Using your own Glow, attempt to feel the Glow of the target animal.

Note: The cause of this sensation has been explored by many mystic religions, each of which possess their own theory on its source. In traditional Hinduism, it is attributed to the Ajna chakra; a bridge that allows two minds to communicate. In modern neo-spiritualism, it is commonly considered to originate in the pineal gland, the suspect source of the spirit molecule.

3.2 Stage Two: Aural Vibration

Often occurring within moments of Cerebral Glow, Aural Vibration is characterized by a soft, calming, low-frequency vibration perceived both physically and mentally. It should last for the duration of the ritual, and users should attempt to maintain awareness of it at all times (when engaged in any ritual).

It is likely that, during this stage, you will locate your targets Glow.

Note: The prevailing theory on Aural Vibration suggests that it is the sound of earths resonant frequency. The perception of that frequency, when combined with an enhanced awareness of the Ajna or spirit molecule, induces sub-sonic communication, similar to radio waves.

3.3 Stage Three: Open Channel

After a firm sense of Aural Vibration is established, the final stage is initiated. The Open Channel is the link through which the user and the cat will communicate. Unlike previous stages, there are no overt signs that an Open Channel has been achieved. When the time is right, however, youll know it.

Note: The Open Channel is understood through an inference made using previous stages effects and causes. Both stages contribute to the broadening of the mind, making users aware of subconscious channels, or electrical fields. Those channels are then tuned by the elixir, establishing the user as a ground, or conduit, through which they may move, allowing the user to consciously manipulate them.

4. Special Considerations

  • Telepathic communication is a magical art form unto itself. As such, it takes time to improve ones technique; therefore, you should not be surprised if you initially find it difficult to communicate with your target. As your experience and skill progresses, you will find that both yourself and target animals are more receptive to communication, and may converse more freely and with greater detail.

Note: It is my experience that some animals are more receptive to telepathic communication. I have specifically selected cats for this example due to their highly individual nature. Virtually any cat will present a challenge to communicate with because of their unique and unpredictable personalities.
  • If using Method 1: Alcoholic Elixir, users should be aware that fermentation is a science, requiring strict control over pH levels, temperature, and other environmental factors; however, this is not necessary to successfully cast the Speak with Animals ritual (or any other elixir-based ritual, for that matter).

It is necessary, however, that users take certain precautions before imbibing an alcoholic elixir.

  1. Ensure there is no mold growth on the surface of the elixir this indicates a pollution of the potion, and in addition to destroying its efficacy, could also sicken the user.

  2. The elixir should not smell foul. The scent may range from vaguely fruity to strongly vinegary this is normal.

    Note: Elixir spoilage is commonly caused by mischief committed by sprites. If your elixir was affected, do not be discouraged. While sprites are often bothersome, they are not malicious, and rarely commit the same misdeed twice.
  3. Due to the limited fermentation period, this type of elixir is only slightly alcoholic, resembling vinegar more closely than wine. However, it does contain alcohol, and should not be abused, misused, or otherwise used in a manner not consistent with good-intentioned rituals.


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