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Force spells belong to the Spirital Spell group, and as such are some of the most magical and powerful spells known. Force spells deal with unseen forced in the Universe which sometimes protect us and other times hurt us.

Everyone has control of the forces around them at some level, but the more force you control the more powerful your force spells can become. When you use these magical forces to create a shield around you, spells cast against you by another person have a much lower chance of success.

More Free Force Spells

See Element Mythology
Strong Curse Removal
Teach Someone a Lesson
To Change A Person's Mind
Trap A Spirit
Very Simple Wishing Spell
Aftermath Curse
Astral Realm Creation pt. 2
Basic Energy Focusing
Black Magick Meditation
Call the Wind
Change Someone's Mind
Connect with Nature
Control the Nature
Controlling Aura Balls
Creating a Psi Tendril
Don't touch
Energy Fist
Forcing Someone
Improve Your Telekinesis
Kinesis 2 = Psychics
Make a Psi-Ball
Mood Transfiguration Spell.
Pentagram Protection
Spell To Get What You Want
Spiritual Protection
Subtle Feeling
Teacher Shut Up
Warning Spell
Abyys Ball
An Actual Vampire Spell
Anger Running
Animal Summon
Attraction Spell
Banishing a Person
Basic Psi Feeds
Become a Necromancer
Bend Anything
Bind Lovers
Binding of the elements
Blade Spirts
Break Up
Bring a Storm
Bringing Winds
Canine Love
Cold Fire
Command Others
Conjuring Raw Energy
Consecrate a Room
Control The 7 Seas
Create Erogenous Zone
Destroy Evil Shadow Spell
Develop Aerokinesis
Divide an Object
Doing Pyrokinesis
Drawing Energy
Dysnomia Spell
Earth Rising
Embrace the Shadows
Energy Fist
Energy Gain
Energy Poisoning
Enhance Magical Ability
Falling Spell
Fast like the Wind
Find Your Element
Finding Your Element
Flame Control
Flaming Arrows (Sagittarius)
Focus Your Energy
Forgetfulness of Mind
Gain Power
Get New Power
Get Someone to Agree
Give me Wind
Hacates Wrath
Hex-A Demon
How to be a Afterlife Guardian
How to Cast a Spell
How to Feel Energy
How to Make a Chi Ball
Hurt Me Not
Hypno Crazy
Invoke the Elements
Ki Wave
Levitation Spell
Light Charging/Merging
Magic Attack
Magickal Soil
Make a Person Float
Make a Wand
Make the Ocean Rough
Make Waves Rise
Making Someone Dream of Death
Meditation Practice Tips
Mental Combat spell 1-durza
Mind (hard)
Mind of a Frog Spell...
Mistress of the House Powder
Object of Acception
Pillar Drive
Positive Energy Chant
Power an Object
Power spell
Powerful Banishing Spell
Psi Energy Finale
Psi Link
Purifying Blast
Refuel Your Mana
Simple Blessings
Slave Making Spell
Snap Wishes
Spell to Gain Powers
Stir your inner Darkness
Summon a Spirit or Demon
Summon the Dead
Swirling Ki Technique
Telekinesis Go Learn
The Angry Eye
The calliing of a gale
The Sleeping Potion
Thick Air
Three Times Three
To Break a Couple Up
To Find a Lost Item
To Unseal a Cap or Lid
Tracking spell
Unlock the Power of Your Eyes
Vampire Potion
Water Bonding
Water Control
Water Ribbon Magic
Whirlwind Charm
Who They Really Are
Wind To Blow Spell
Wolf Spell
Amanus Omnipotentia
Basic Ki Blast
Charm of the Oak
Compressing a Ki Ball
Control People
Create a Psi Ball
Double Barrier of Protection
Earth Storm
Energy Connection
Flaming Ki Ball
Food Chant
Give You Confidence
How to See Auras
Ice Bolts
Improve Psychic Vision
Ki Ball Blast
Ki Blast
Light Jump
Make Bugs Stop Bothering You
Nose Turning
Power Finder
Protect yourself from harm
Repel of Spirit
Seth's Revenge
Silence a Room
Stop Them From Leaving
Summon Anothers Thoughts
Summoning a Spirit
To find an Object
Trap-a-Spirtit Charm
Walk on water
Witches Chronokinisis
Control someones emotions and mind
Metamorphic Vampire Transformation
Add A Bit Of Vampire To Your Soul
Getting Rid of Unwanted Company
Make it Snow (Possible Blizzard)
To Increase Your Psychic Abilities
To Turn a Spell into Neutral Energy
Potion Making 101: The Sleep Potion
easy spell to get super powers
mantra to open root chakra
banish demons
€call your cat€
summon a sucubus in the form of a celebrity
Ritual of Disenchantment
Stop Gossip Poppet Spell
Summon Israeli Defense Forces
The Creation Spell
Transfer Energy to an Object
Ultimate Mage Spells Part 1
Wind Controlling
Ariel Kannie Hastega
Aura Sword/blade
Bast Protection II
Blue Rings Protection Chant
Candle Power
Colors of Power
Control an Element
Control the Wind
Create: Psi Ball
Darkness Spell I
Easy Psi Ball
Exorcise Spirits
Harness Wind Energy
Instantly Load a Computer
Make A Psi Ball The Proper Way
Make Consecrated Water
Power of 3 wish spell (easy)
Practice Telekinesis
Spirit Fusion
Strong Energy
Summoning A Spirit Or Ghost
Tern Against Spell
Unlock your Aura
Waxing and Full Moon Chant
A Werewolf Curse
Acute Fire Manipulation Spell
Almighty Destruction
Angel Path Spell
Attract the Ideal Lover
Banish Demon
Basic fire minipulation
Basic Ritual Call
Become Magical
Bending Flame
Binding Doll
Binding Soul
Break the Powers of a Spells
Breaking a Binding Spell
Bring Home a Relative
Calling a Storm
Clear a Traffic Jam
colors of Power II
Concentration Spell
Connecting with Water
Control Fire
Cosmic Alignment
Dark Lady Chant
Destroy all Evil
Destroy Shadow People
Discover someones inner self
Door Fire
Drawing in Magickal Energy
Earth ball
Element Control
Enemy Hex
Energy Focus
Energy of the Gods
Enhance a vision
Every Witch Way Spell
Far Away Hearing
Fear Me Always
Find Yourself
Fire Blast
Flame of guilt
Force Lightning
Gain Energy
Get a Child Grounded
Get Powers
Get What You Wished For
Gust of wind
Hades Darkness Power
Herbal Cleansing Steam
Holy Light Blast
How To Become A Vampire
How to drain energy
How to Grow Fangs
Hurt Curse
Hydrokinesis to Be
Induce Anger and Hate
Ki Blast
Killing Curse
Levito Marble
Lightning Power Spell
Magical Orb
Make a Ball come to You
Make a Slave
Make an Energy Wall
Make Them Love You
Making a Spell Crafting Area
Mathew's Ring
Mental Combat 2-durza
Meus Infantis
Mind Combat Defense
Mirror Clone Spell
More Strength
Mute Silence Spell.
People Pusher
Planet Control
Power of Water
Power Spell
Psi Fist
Psychic Abilities
Push Energy
Rain Stop
Shape Clouds
Shield Spell
Sky Power
Small Flame (Pyrokinesis)
Speed-up a Slow Computer
Ssummon Cryto
Stop the Clock
Summon Hamas
Summons the god of magic
The Bitter Sweet Curse
The Denegativizer Spell:
The Vexation Box Spell
Three stones of Equal Power
Thunder of Ares
To Banish a Pest
To Control Someone's Volume
To Make someone take a Mind
tornado energy Fist
True Colors
Unpredictable Spirits
Vampire Spell
Water Communication
Water Control/Voice Of Siren
Werebear Curse
White Magic
Wild Power Charm
Air Inspiration
Aura Beam
Become a Shadow
Cleansing the Aura 2
Concentration Spell
Controlling Water
Daily Devotion to the Elements
Dream Controlling Box
Elemental Knight
Enemy move away
Flame Gate Unlock
Focus Incense
Get Rid of Demons
How to get to Paradise
Hurricane Spell
Ice Energy
Ki Ball
Ki Ball Shielding
Knowledge Absorption
Magyk Ball
Manipulate the Future
Normal Ward Spell
Parents Do Your Will
Protect a Friend
Psi Ball
Raw Energy
See the Energy in the Air
Smart Spell
Summon an Angel to your Aid
Summoning a Bus
To Conjure Up a Lover
Trap a Spirit
Truth Tea
Wind Smack
Banishing Spell for Bad Spirits
How to Meditate- guide meditation
-Take over someones astral projection-
Banish darkness using the Orbem Potentia
Lucifer's one handed power blast
Out With The Old, In With The New
To Speed up Spell With Law of Attraction
How to get Rid of Characters that Follow
all power
good luck charm
ancestor calling
finger clicking spell
how to have warter powers tested and it works


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