How to make and throw a attributed psi ball

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Mind
  • The element you want you psi ball to be eg candle for fire air conditioning for air sand or rock for earth And water for water (optional) but recommended

Teaches you how to make a attributed psi ball and how to throw it

Casting Instructions for 'How to make and throw a attributed psi ball'

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Different visualizations can produce different types of psi balls and different effects the psi balls have on other objects. One of my favorite things to do is to make a psi ball, visualizing it as a ball of fire While that might result in a hot psi ball, visualizing a flame colored blue or a tornado of snow might produce a cold one. Have fun with this - these are just a few examples! Combine ideas as well.

Another fun thing to mess with is throwing your psi balls. I learned how to do this by, you guessed it, visualization! I would pretend to see my invisible psi ball and watch it with my eyes as it flew through the air. I was really just tracing a simple curved path in the air with my eyes, but after some practice, it did start to work. I would make a hot ball and throw it at a thermometer from across the room then watch the degrees rise. Or I would boomerang one around the room, and catch it. You'd be surprised how fun it is

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