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Success Spells are special Good Luck Spells in their basic sence. However, unlike most luck spells, these spells take a long long time to wear out.

These spells can not be reversed by magic, unless it is the original caster of the spell which attempts to reverse it. Therefore the destroy success spell is only useful on spells you cast yourself.

More Free Success Spells

To Find a Lost Object
Yule-tide Blot
Awaken Hidden Powers
Basic Luck Spell
Confidence in Your Works
Demeter's Blessing
Get an A on a test
Invoking The Powers Spell
To Remove Obstacles
Win a Court Case 1
A on Test
A spell for easier learning
Agree spell
All Purpose Victory Potion
Awakening Your Spirit
Become a mermaid
Blessing a Friend
Call for Wisdom
Crown of Success Oil
Decision Spell
Drawing Out a Latent Talent
Erase a spell you created.
Financial Success
For good grades
Fresh Start
Gambling Spell
Get Fame, Power and Fortune
Growing in Wisdom
How to do well on a math test
How to Meditate
Increase a Skill
Increase Success
Invoke Lucifer
Learn by heart easier
Little bit Nerdy Spell
Luck and Wishing Spell
Make Yourself More Desirable
Memory Aid
Mind Control
Money Honey
Muses Of Music
Paraplegic Fix
Prosperity Spell
Quick Hypnotic Induction
Saraswati Mantra
Shoon Lore
Simple Rice Cleansing Spell
Singing Better
Smart Spell
Spell of Magnificent Beauty
Stone Attraction Spell
Success in Finding a Job
The Summoning of Phoenix
To attract [good] luck
To enhance creativity
To get rid of Writers Block
To Help Make a Decision
Traffic Light Spell
Visitions of your Future
WeReWoLf SpElL
Winternyt Prosperity Spell
Wishing neckalacee
Wolf Spell
A Spell For Sleep
Attention Spell
Buck Up Spell
Charm of The Yellow Rose
Dawning of the soul
Ensure Success
Gift of Magick
Hidden path spell
How to find the Lost
Love Spell
Luck Spell
Making a Portable Altar Kit
My before Meal Prayer
New Life w/ Friend
Peppermint Floorwash
Popular Spell
Protection Spell
Reverse A Spell
Shapeshift into anything
Singing spell
Spell To Stay Awake
Strengthen your magick
Super Real Success
To get good grades spells~
Truth Spell
Very simple good luck spell
Wish spell
Becoming In-Touch with the Elements
Pass An Examination Or Succeed In An Interview
A wish spell *tested and works*
Prayer/Spell To Help Find Your Spititual Path
A spell to make wishes come true
Good Luck Spell for Competitions
Sleeping (spell bible)(helps your future)
Ujal Ujala Ujalo Tobec Sato Manjaina Ujalim Tobec Dulcaim Dulacim
Herb and Crystal Prosperity Spell
To Empower a Container for Potions, Oils, or Salves
a very simple money spell
dragon transfer
game or competition spell
how to create a spell book
lunar magick spell
money spell
my body steady my magic ready
rest in peace spell
switching spell ( bad habits)
easy herb spell for anything
heaven on earth spell
my time magick spell
manifest a person place or thing
Visilik's Draught
A Spell For Moving House
Bad Habit Banishment
Color Correspondences
Creativity Chant
Dwarf's Blessing
How to make a wand
Lost something?
Sigil Manifestation
To Create Opportunity
What Witchcraft Really Is
Owl Wisdom
A Random Spell of Good
A-Case for Court
Air of Intelligience
Attracting Extra Money
Bear Song
Bravery Love Spell
Courage Potion
Dancing spell
Demeter's Blessing
Draconic fire
Eat Less
Fates' bracelet
Footwash for Money
For success in your work
Freyr's Prosperity
General Charge for Spell
Green Candle Money Spell
Hekate spell
How to Make a Spell
Incantation For Succession
Increase Popularity X3
Inspiration Spell
Joyful Candle Spell
Legal Success
Lost Items
Luck of the Runes
Making a Candle (basic)
Mermaid Spell
Money Drawing Spell
Money spell,For poor only!
My Best Wish Spell
Oil of luck
Poetic spell of Inspiration
Pull Of Ur Thumb
Real Mermaid Spell
Self Esteem
Simple Money Spell
Singers Dream Voice
Singing voice spell
Spell for Good Grades
Spell to Get Over an Ex
Study Spell
The A Spell
The Talent Spell
To Be Rid Of Whatever
To get a Demon Teacher
To have Ice Powers
Trade Depression for Ambition
Turning Smart Spell
Weaving Success
Win A Court Case 2
Wish Apon The Moon
Wizard power spell
Write neat with Pencil
All Saints Oil
Be heard by People
Candle Pentagram
Concetration Spell
Drawing Down the Moon Ritual
Fairy Charm
Good luck spell
Hold You Breathe Longer!!
Knowledge Tea
Lovers spell
Luck spell
Manifest spell
My Pendulum Spell
New Year Full Moon Spell
Plant Growth Potion
Prosperity Spell
Psychic Powers
Simple Sun Spell
Spell to attract money to you
Spirituality Powder
Success Ritual
Test, Homework,Good Grades
To Send A Message In A Dream
Using full brain power
Wish of Subconsciousness
~*Money Spell*~
Enchant Herbs and Candles for success
Traditional Witches Ladder Spell
Improve Your Singing Voice (Works For Girls Only)
A Spell for Artists and Craftsmen
Football spell (Buckeye fans ONLY)
Money Magnet spell- useful when your broke!
To Shoot Dwellers In the Wilderness
Fortune and Health Farewell Spell
How to get a spell to be successful
wish me potion
change your future
fullfill your wish
good luck law
knot money spell
memory spell for exams
money spell by full moon
prosperity spell
summon a faery
wish granter
empathy for sycos
love me spell
undo curse


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