Mark Remover

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A pencil (with an eraser, only needed when erasing pencil marks)
  • The book you are trying to erase from
  • Your voice

Removes pen marks, pencil marks, marker marks, etc. from a book.

Casting Instructions for 'Mark Remover'

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First, number the pages of the book if you haven't already. Secondly, you must think whether you want to erase pen, pencil, etc. Then, you have to chant,
"Oh, how I want these (writing utensil) marks gone
A clean book is what I long
Erase these (writing utensil) marks
And leave only (pen marks, pencil marks, marker marks, clean pages)
From pages (number) through (number)."
Then, close the book and wait. You have to wait however old you are, as in if you were 13, you would have to wait for thirteen minutes. I would wait an extra minute or 30 seconds just to make sure. Then, open the book and your pencil marks will be gone! Make sure to also say Thank You to Mother Nature, the God and Goddess of your choosing, etc. for the trees that made the pages of your book and/or the animals that provided the leather for the cover of your book. Then, you can keep on writing!

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