To Rid Yourself of a Problem

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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous
92% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An old shoe (usually the right one)
  • Pen
  • A fire,
  • natural running water or the sea

This spell is so simple to do that it has to work. It is best done at the time of the Waning Moon, and makes use of the Elements to symbolize completion.

Casting Instructions for 'To Rid Yourself of a Problem Spell'

  • Write your problem on the sole of the shoe
  • Put the shoe on and stamp three times
  • As you do so, say:
Begone, troublesome times Either, throw the shoe into the fire and ensure that it burns properly. Or
  • Throw the shoe into the stream of water and watch it disappear. Or
  • Throw the shoe into the sea and walk away.
  • As any of these happen, visualize the problem getting less and less until it disappears.
  • Often during this time inspiration may come to you as to how you can deal with the difficulty. The reason that you use the right shoe is because this is considered the more positive and assertive side of the body, which is normally the one needed. However, if it feels more natural to use the left shoe the result will usually be more passive and non- confrontational.

This article was contributed by Angelina_20

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