Were-wolf Spell

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Waxing Crescent Moon
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full moon
  • Your voice
  • Belief in this spell and shapeshifters

This spell is guaranteed to make you a were-wolf, but beware, it might change your life to either better or worse.

Casting Instructions for 'Were-wolf Spell'

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Print or Memorize this spell:

By the light of the moon and our piercing howls, We are further transformed into cunning beasts, From the circle of life to the evolution of man, I shall be reawakened as one with the land.

Say it 10 times while looking at the full moon WITHOUT messing up, if you mess up wait 20 minutes then try again, the night you do the spell you will dream of a wolf, remember that wolf because thats you in your wolf form. Side effects apear in 2-3 weeks. Side effects:

Eye color change Hungry right after eating Muscle aches Back aches Anger issues Wanting to go outside more Getting excited about Dogs/wolves Closer to animals Better agility Sharper teeth Teeth aches Meat craving Urge to bark/howl More active Sleepy when inactive Dizzyness Blurry vision Hairrier Feeling weird Bettr senses Notes: The effects vary from person, so if some effects dont apear, dont worry. You will transform when you see the next full moon, you wont remember your first shift sadly. The first transformation is very VERY painful, so beware, but after the 5 transformatiosn it wont hurt as bad. After five transformations you can control your shifts and transform when you want by concentrating on your wolf form. You will have full control in your wolf form, you wont kill anyone unless you choose to. Film yourself transforming at your own will, it may get you wanted for scientific expiriments and even killed by other werewolves for exposing them. If you doubt this spell or dont believe in shapeshifters, why are you even here?


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