Become a Werewolf

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Last Quarter Moon
Last Quarter
51% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A round(ish) pebble
  • Red tissue paper
  • Will to be a werewolf
  • Liking of wolves or dogs (optional)
  • Belief in werebeasts and this spell
  • Full moon or other moon in sight (optional, better full moon, if the full moon is behind a cloud it will be the same as not having a full moon because the full moon is the strongest)
  • Dimly lit room or completely dark room (or just lit by candles)
  • A silver thing (anything, silver paper, badge, fur, anything)
  • Voice

This turns you into the most famous werebeast: a werewolf. Look on my profile for more info on werebeasts. I made a different werewolf spell, but this is more complex.

Casting Instructions for 'Become a Werewolf'

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1. if you chose to include the moon, get in a position where you can see it or its glow at the same time as doing the spell. 2. Wrap the pebble in the red tissue paper. if it rips, its ok. 3. Put the wrapped pebble on the floor and the silver thing next to it. 4. Say this 3x:

Silver light of the moon, Shine on me asI join your wolves, I howl and be free, NowI am a wolf, Now blood comes from enemies asI please, AndI defend asI please, Our pack runs free from sunset to sunrise.

5. Bury the wrapped pebble outside after you have said the spell 3x. Keep the silver thing. 6. Then next full moon or the one after you should transform.

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