Transform Into a Pokèmon Spell 2

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A piece of paper
  • Pencil
  • Colored Pencils/Crayons (optional)
  • A voice
  • Two hands
  • Two feet

You can change back and forth whenever at will this time. You may turn into any Pokèmon. This is my second spell, so this might not work right away.

Casting Instructions for 'Transform Into a Pok?mon Spell 2'

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1. Draw the Pok?mon you want to turn into. If you want, add special details that the Pok?mon normally doesn't have. (Accessories, missing ear, wings, extra typ, etc.)
2. Color your Pok?mon in. If you want to add custom colors that the Pok?mon normally doesn't have, I recommend adding color. If you want to turn into a shiny version of it, write "SHINY" on the paper.
3. Hold the paper in front of yourself with your dominant hand and say,

"Arceus, god of all Pok?mon, please grant me this desire. I wish to have the ability to transform into the Pok?mon *insert name of your Pok?mon* and transform back into a human whenever I desire. I wish to transform into whatever I drew just now. I swear I will never use this for evil things, but please grant me moves to defend myself or others. My moves shall be *move 1*, *move 2*, *move 3*, and *move 4*. I will train hard. This is my wish, SO MOTE IT BE!" (Say so mote it be with a powerful voice.)

4. Keep the paper with you. When you are able to transform into your Pok?mon (read below this step), you can throw the paper away if you want.

How to Transform into Your Pok?mon Form

1. Hold your hands to your heart and imagine you turning into your Pok?mon form.
2. Think, "I call on my Pok?mon side to reveal. I will now transform to the Pok?mon hidden deep within me. Come out, *insert your Pok?mon's name*!

How to Transform Back to a Human

1. Put any holding appendages to your heart. (If you don't have any, don't bother.) Imagine you turning back to your human form.
2. Think, "I wish to transform back to the human that I used to be. I will have my two feet, my two hands, and my normal human traits. My Pok?mon side will be saved for later. Revert me back to my human form, *insert your name*!

You can transform back and forth wheneve you want. You might not be able to transform right away. If Arceus is in a state of anger, he will probably not do it for you.


This article was contributed by JulieLeafeon

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