goddess selene werewolf spell (fantasy)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • the full moon
  • voice
  • connection with the moon or moon goddess
  • visualization
  • positive energy
  • uses good powers instead of bad ones

to shapeshift into your wolf form to enhance powers if you are close to selene the moon goddess.

Casting Instructions for 'goddess selene werewolf spell (fantasy)'

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chant this under the full moonlight, some place where you will be left alone so no one can pray against it, or indoors.
say this
"On the seashore, on the broujan, on the ocean floor gleams the moon, and a wolf laying in a ashtock green wood,and cattle seeking for his sharp white fangs, but the wolf dives not into the forest, nor runs to the shadowy vale, moon moon, golden horned moon, check the flights of bullets, blunt the hunters knife, rot the shepherds cudgle, strike wild fear upon all men, beasts, reptiles, and all creeping things so he may not catch the grey wolf nor tear him from his warm hide!"
Remember to visualize enerything you are saying going to happen, and the reason why it says cattle seeking for his white sharp fangs is because the wolf you turn into is not a evil one stained with blood but instead a innocent wolf, and back in the salem witch trials many wolves were automatically branded as evil creatures always working with satan, when in reality many were not. This spell is powerful to shift for wolves if you have a connection with the moon goddess or the moon. Oh and once you are done with the spell if you feel that the moon goddess is with you and you feel her positive energy then the spell has worked, and if someone tries to shoot you, just say out loud or in your mind " check the flights of bullets" This should send the bullets flying somewhere else, if someone tries to stab you say " Blunt the hunters knife" it should blunt the knife. And if someone has a bat or cudgle say " Rot the cudgle" then it should rot the wood. Visualizing the bullets flying away whiles saying it and ect. should empower the spell a lot! Blessed be!


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