Glamour Spells

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Glamour, glamour, glamour. There is love, there is lust, there is friendship, there is hatred, there is beauty and there is style, but what is glamour?

Put simply, glamour is the power one has to attract attention to themselves just by their physical appearance. The spells in this section control the way these powers radiate from one person to the next.

By controling the power of glamour one can become more popular, or change a very popular person into a no body whom everyone ignores.

More Free Glamour Spells

Clear Skin Mask Spell
Magick Mirror Beauty Spell
More Popular
To Heal A Bruse
Weight Loss Spell
~Eye color change spell~
Achieve the Thigh Gap.
Acne Vanishing Spell
Allure Elixir
Aphrodite Glamour Spell
Appearence Change
Basic Magical Oils
Beautiful Face
Beautiful Werewolf Spell
Beauty Bath
Beauty Potion
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell
Become Popular
Better skin potion
Body Change
Breathing smoke
Celtic Love Spell
Change Eye Color
Change Eye Colour Spell
Change Your Eye Color
Change your eye color
Change your eye color.
Clear Acne
Everlasting Youth
Eye color Change
Eye Colour Change
Fashionista's Enchant
Galaxy Nail Polish
Get Thinner Spell
Glamour spell
Glamour spell
Glamour spell 2
Good singing voice
Grow Hair
Grow Hair Spell
Hair Color Spell
Hair Grow Faster x3
Hair growth potion
How to become a Mermaid
Imortal Spell
Love Perfume
Magick Mirror Spell
Mermaid Beauty
Mermaid Spell
Mirror Beauty Spell
Nail Polish Mermaid Spell
Perfect teeth
Physical Body Change Spell
Pine Oil
Popularity Spell
Real Mermaid Spell
Reverse Eye Color Change
Self Image Spell
ShapeShifter Spell
Show your inner beauty
Singing Spell
Skin Whitening
Sleep Tight
Smooth Skin Spell
Spell for Beauty
Spell For Soft Skin
Stars Light up the Night
Teeth Whitening Spell
The Eye Color Change
The Vampire Glam
To feel Beautiful
To Grow (hair, height etc)
Vampire Charm
Vampire Spell
Vampire Spell
Vervain Youth Spell
What I Imagine
Wolf Spell
Acne Aid
Aphrodesia Passion Tea
Beauty Spell by MermaidTale
Become a Good Singer
Become one with nature
Change Hair Color Spell
Change your eye colour
Charm Spell
Clear Skin Spell
Eye Color Change Spell
For Better Hair
Grow Hair Spell
Hair growth spell.
Long Hair Spell by Carmen211
Love Potion Tea
Mermaid Spell
Natural Clensing Scrub
Physical Body Change
Rapid hair growth spray
Return to Me Candle Spell
Singing voice
Sleeping Spell
Spell for Beauty and Youth
The Heart of the Matter Spell
Weight Loss Spell
Youth and healing
Increase Popularity and Love Aura
Eye Color Changing SpellActually Works
A Hair Color Change (By RedRockets)
Best Mermaid/Merman Spell Ever (Complicated)
Change Your Eye Color Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Change your eye colour super easy!
Easy Eye Magic- By XoXBlackKittyXoX
How To Be A Mermaid When You Touch Water + Powers
Pokemon Fusion Transformation Spell
Whatever You Write Shall Happen
Better Singing Voice by MermaidTale
Spell to Turn Yourself into a Mermaid
acne be gone
mermaid transformation
personalty change
scars vanish
vampire highbrid
glamour info
the phiscally change your body spell
Curly or Straight Hair
Less Popular
Mirror Glamour Spell
Spell For Clear Skin
Vanity and Beauty
Wolf Spell
'Blending' spell
Acne Fix
All Purpose Glamour
Andrews mermaid spell
Aphrodite Wish
Aura Seeing
Beautiful Body
Beautiful Skin
Beauty and Attraction Spell
Beauty Of Venus Bath
Beauty spell
Beauty Spell
Become a Neko
Become Popular
Bigger Butt Spell
Breast/butt enlargement
Bring Monsters in your Dream
Change Cup Size
Change Eye Colour
Change you Eye Color
Change Your Eye Color
Change your eye color!
Charisma Spell
Concealment Spell
Eye color change
Eye Color Magic
Eye colour spell
Female Beauty Spell
Gender Swap
Glamour Braclet
Glamour Spell
Glamour Spell
Glamour Spell 2016
Good voice:charmed gum
Grow Hair
Grow your OWN BEAUTY.
Hair grow faster
Hair Growth
Hair growth potion and spell
How to get someone to love you
Innocent Attraction
Love Wish
Make Me Prettier
Mermaid Spell
Mermaid Spell- Works
Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
Openin the Chakras
Physical Body Change
Physically Change Body
Potion for Beautiful Hair
Red Eyes
Revival hair chant
Shapes shifting Objects
Simple Lipstick Blessing
Siren Charm
Skin/Acne Healing Spell
Slimmer Waist 2016 ~My Spell~
Spell for beautiful hair
Spell for clear skin
Spell of Magnificent Beauty
Taylor Swift Transformation
Temporary Glamor
The Mental
To cover gray hair
To get Rid of Warts
True beauty
Vampire spell
Vampire spell
Vampire Spelll Works
Waxing Moon Hair GrowtH
Wolf Spell
~Fayrie Glamour~
Andrews mermaid spell
Beauty Spell
Beauty Spell by:KatieTheStar
Become a Mermaid in 1 Week
Blessed Fruit of Beauty
Change something about you.
Change your Hair Color
Classic Love Potion #9
Eye Changing Spell
Flower Petal Love Charm
Glamour Spell
Hair Growth Spell
Horn Spells
Isis Love Spell
Longer Nails Spell
Love/Beauty Bath Spell
Mermaid Spell
Neko Spell
Pink Rose of Beauty
Removing stretch marks
Shield of darkness/ glamour
Skin Spell
Soothing Foot Soak
Star of Love
Think of me Spell 2
Vampire Transformation
Wound heal
10 Ways to Attract Love and Beauty
A spell to change your eye color.
To cause one you love to become ten times more beautiful
A simple spell to get what you wish for
Bigger Butt Spell 2016 ~My Spell~
Change your eye color!!! ( Actually works!)
Cleansing Beauty Bath (or shower) Spell
Grow an Animal Tail and/or Ears
People see you as you want to be Seen
Vampire spell by sawyer aka roboboy
Become good at Singing (potion)
Change your eye color!!! ~ NeirdPower :P
faster hair growth
invisable to you
mirror beauty
spell for lips
body switch potion
powerful money spell;kundrum


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