Long Hair In 1 Day

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A doll with long hair
  • Scissors
  • Olive oil or coconut oil or both
  • Salt

This spell will grow your hair as long as you want in 1 day (This is my first spell so may or may not work)

Casting Instructions for 'Long Hair In 1 Day'

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Cut the doll hair and cast a circle using the hair. Make sure all the ingredients are in the circle. While sprinkling salt around the circle chant this 1 time to banish any evil wickedness Chant:

I conjure thee, O circle of power that thou Best a meeting place of love and joy and truth; a shield Against all wickedness and evil; a boundary between men and The realm of the might ones; a rampart and protection that Shall preserve and contain the power that we shall rise within thee.

Now time for the spell. Hold the oil and say:

Within this oil that I hold, (Then Start Putting It In Your Hair) my hair shall grow like never seen before. My hairwill be so healthy and beautiful Gods and Goddesses of beauty make my hair grow -- inches overnight as I sleep with the nourishing oil in my hair, my hair shall be the healthiest of all. So please make my hair the desired length when o wake, So Mote It Be!

Side Effects: Hair Itching and headaches but dont scratch it. Notes: Dont Forget To Bless The Elements Before Removing The Circle. Write down the spell and make sure You put 1 minute of energy into it Before saying it. Good Luck.


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