'Blending' spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Just your own mind, but a small peice of iron or pewter makes it more effective. Works best outside.

More of a chant really, but you need to use the right techniques. I first used it several years ago, when I was walking home alone in the dark. I thought I was being followed (I later found out that I really was) But this little chant allowed me to 'blend in' to the background. Not become invisible, per se, but it means that you can't be noticed unless someone is looking for you, and knows you're there. Like being in a big crowd. It helps if you understand that darkness is just another form of light. Some people think of it as symbolising evil, but this is not true, and understanding that will help with this spell's potency.

Casting Instructions for ''Blending' spell'

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If you have a peice of metal, hold it in the palm of your hand. (If it is dark) Focus on the darkness and try to feel it around you. If it is not dark, try to imagine the absence of light, and pull it from around you (It might sound weird but it works). Then begin this chant; (You do not need to say it out loud, you can just hear it in your mind)

I cannot be heard, I cannot be seen
I am but a shadow, I am but a dream
Darkness surround me, entrance* me in night
Cover me, hide me, protect me from sight.

(*Entrance as in en-trance, not as in door...)

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