Love Spell Regression

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Love Spell Regression
Post # 1
I'll admit I am a complete newbie. My ex and I have been apart 2 months. She has said that she loves me and wants to be with me but she is hurt from the break up and can't get over it (lots of details there). She also has a "friend" that's standing in the way and using the situation to his benefit. Anyway, we broke all communication, and I tried a sugar jar spell and a come to me spell. Low and behold, she contacts me about meeting, of course it was to give me back my keys but it was progress. We open a line of communication, and I cast an obsession spell (bottle,cotton, brown paper, red candle) and then hoping I could just a clean slate to re-attract her, I paid someone to cast a spell to remove her walls, and then I paid someone online to cast a spell that is supposed to remove obstacles and bring her back. We were talking sparingly, then the day after the spells it picked up. However, it was very emotional, it was pretty much lashing out. I endured in thinking things would get better. They kind of did by day 2, then I mentioned meeting (my mistake) and the conversation ended. By day 3, we are talking building attraction, and out of the blue she says she will never fall in love with me again. She won't let herself, she wants to open her heart to other people, and that we can no longer talk because it is not fair and she needs to move on. I am a little shocked. Anyone have any idea what went wrong? or how to fix it? Could this be part of the early process? I am open to all comments and suggestions.
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Re: Love Spell Regression
Post # 2

It sounds like she's just been needing space apart from you, but you've been pushing interaction too quickly while everything is still very emotional. I know you don't want to lose her, and it'll probably be hard not to talk again for a while, but I really recommend giving her some serious space and time away from you. Spells aren't always guaranteed, especially those related to the free will of another person, so your reliance on them doesn't necessarily mean that you'll win her back or that she'll be obsessed with you. These conversations and her feelings are things you should really take more seriously, instead of just ignoring her words and casting spells to try and get her back. It's still very soon after the break up, and emotions are obviously still negative and strong, so take a step back and try to move on a little yourself. I'm sorry so many people took your money and let you keep casting spells after this girl, because right now the best thing you can do is focus on listening to what she's actually saying and giving her the choice to get back with you.

She'll be much more likely to come back to you someday if you're respecting her and listening than if you're not taking her words and feelings seriously. I'm not sure what caused the break up, some things you simply can't rebound from a lot of the times (abuse, cheating, etc), so it's hard to say whether or not she will be able to have a relationship with you again. Break ups are very difficult to deal with, so I'm sorry to hear you're going through this all. Don't spend any more money on spells that claim to bring her back, they're not sounding useful in the situation so you'll just be wasting your money.

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Re: Love Spell Regression
Post # 3
Thank you. Things were starting improve and then nothing. She was actually the one contacting me, but I did ask to meet. Things were improving slightly and now nothing. I just hope I didn't screw things up somehow
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