Altar blessings?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Altar blessings?

Altar blessings?
Post # 1
Hello I'm still very new to Wicca and magic and I'm starting on my altar and got various items like candles,cloth,and a offering bowl. I know that I must bless the altar space but I'm at lost on how. If anyone can give me advice on any rituals,spells,rites,etc that may help me It'll be appreciated.
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Re: Altar blessings?
Post # 2
Generally speaking, the blessing of your altar is an act to declare that you are designating that space as a sacred space, or a space to be focused on the use and study of magical practices. It is basically the equivalent of wanking into a room in your house and saying "This will be my office." or "This will be by library." and then in your office, putting in a computer desk and filing cabinets and calendars. Or putting in bookshelves and a bean bag chair and a small stereo for your musical mood of the day.

Instead, you are declaring to yourself that the altar and the area around it is going to be your space for magic and esoteric thought. In that regard, the blessing process is about clearing the air and establishing that mentality of magic. So the act of blessing should reflect that desire. Burning some sage, sweetgrass, or cedar will clear the air, and then maybe perform some sort of simple magical act to start inviting a build of energy and intent.

For example, if you follow a particular deity or pantheon already, you can light a candle in the honor of him/her/it/them and declare that you are welcoming their energy, guidance, and protection into that space. if you don't feel much of a connection to any outside forces yet, you can simply do the same thing but make your declaration to the idea of magic and learning.

In all honesty however, a blessing and dedication is not always necessary. Just set up your altar, and use it as a place to set your paraphernalia and pay respect or honoring to your chosen deities. Considering that is is more of an internal thing to help you recognize the space for its purpose, so that you enter into a magically focused mental zone whenever you use the alter, the more you use it for magic the more consecrated it will become anyways. Just as long as you see it as your magical place, that is what it will be.
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Re: Altar blessings?
Post # 3
I would recommend decorating it according to your style. I have found that if you like the look of your altar, it becomes very easy to connect to it and use it. I would also recommend consecrating your book of shadows first.
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Re: Altar blessings?
Post # 4
Holy Hannah I need to -really- correct a typo in my last post here. I did NOT catch that I typed 'wank' when I talked about *Walk*ing into a roon to decide its purpose.

That was absolutely -not- what I had intended to say! *@_@*
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