Seeing Things, Help

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Seeing Things, Help
Post # 1
Hey there!

Ever since I was a child I've been very sensitive however due to being brought up as a Christian and living most of my life as an atheist it took me quite a while to realize what I am seeing. (Just to add: I have checked myself medically as well) Only now Im slowly coming to terms with it.

First off I see an energy present everywhere, surrounding everything and the "auras" (if I may call it so) of people/animals and some objects. I've seen creatures of the "energy" a few times before, feeling scared but never truly treatened.

A few days ago my mother found out she has a huge tumor, so I moved in our house. My mother is a very religious Christian, who keeps paintings of saints around the house. Ever since I was a child I felt like one specific painting was watching me. The first few days I was seeing an unpleasant human-shaped field in front of it. Today I saw a demon-like creature appear as if it came from/because of it. It looked like a typical bible demon. (I myself am not Christian and do not see my questions answered by that religion)

I don't live with my parents anymore, however I refuse to leave in fear that something might happen. If you can help in anyway, please share.

Thanks for reading!

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Re: Seeing Things, Help
Post # 2
What you "see" in the other planes, to say it in some way, uses to be a representation made in your mind of what you've seen, it will probably be some kind of evil spirit, I recommend you to search someone who is able to fight agaist it or expel him, but you can also try it by yourself if you think that you can, there are a lot of different ways told in this page.
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Re: Seeing Things, Help
Post # 3
Can you describe the painting and the demon appearance?
Has it spoken to you?
I would advice warding for now.
If you can mail me a description of the painting and the demon, I might be able to yank it from your house and beat its hide rofl
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Re: Seeing Things, Help
Post # 4
Have you tried the "S'up" method?

It's simple.
Walk up to the spirit/creature/etc and say "S'up?".
Continue the conversation as required to sort shit out.

Charge items or leave presents near by with higher/protective energies. Offer them as gifts. The energies will even things out better, and possibly make the situation better.

You could cleanse the whole house.

You could invite more welcoming spirits.

In general, nothing is ever pure evil. It just doesn't work by definition. Either it is a force of nature, like a earthquake or tornado. Or it has a motive. And having a motive means it can side with things. Just get on its good side.
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Re: Seeing Things, Help
Post # 5
I'd agree nothing is pure evil, or at least, evil always has a weakness.
The sup method is quite a good idea lol but putting gifts out for a demon is a very bad idea.
At this point for all we know the demon may be trapped in the painting for a reason.
Like I said though if you can mail me or forum post a description of the painting and the demon then I can probably draw up the links, follow them, say sup and then bonk the demon on the head with a very large feather pillow... or a get out of this nice persons house spell... which ever it requires
[note] : I do not own any feather pillows, yet. rofl
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Re: Seeing Things, Help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Practice divination about it. Looks can be deceiving. Especially with your mother not being well, you will definitely want to be careful that if you are taking steps to remove something, that it not be something that is protecting her. Consider this--there are even angels of death, famine, and disease. They cause it, not protect against it. It doesn't matter if you see something white, fluffy, and full of rainbows--don't trust it when someone is ill in the house. Even if you have never practiced divination in your life, pick up a tarot deck, close your eyes and visualize the image you saw while you shuffle and pick a card. Look up what it means. Close your eyes again, shuffle again and focus on the question "what if I get rid of it?" pick a card. Look up what it means. If it's difficult to determine the meaning of the card in relation to the question, leave the first card you picked there, reshuffle and ask for the cards to elaborate on the first card's meaning.

Now to get rid of it is a very different story. If it is housed in a painting of a Saint, then Catholic dogma and doctrine is likely not the way to exorcise it.
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Re: Seeing Things, Help
Post # 7
Thanks a lot to everybody who answered!

A lot of things have happened since I started this thread, including the appearance of new entities (good and bad). However like most of you implied, it might be better to leave it as it is. As long as no one is getting hurt I won't take any steps against it or ruin any balance there already is. And once again, thank you for your help!
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Re: Seeing Things, Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 8

In my experience some spirits take on scary forms when they are trying to make you afraid. Ignore them! They cannot hurt you.

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