Fluffs and learning

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Fluffs and learning
By: / Novice
Post # 1
I have an idea
Yes there are going to be fluffs on the site some willing to accept suggestions others not so much
it doesn't help encourage them to learn properly if we mock and scorn them for being fluffs. We all forget that at one time or another we were just like them We were fluffs but we grew up sand were led by others on the right way. I had a dream where instead of Scorning and mocking fluffs every time we see them we actually took the time and helped them. We searched for the ones willing to learn properly and invited them in our covens. The Public Chat was no longer filled with mocking and scorn but members helping members. The fluffs willing to change and learn were soon helping other fluffs learn properly .
this is just an idea based off my dream I had

Re: Fluffs and learning
Post # 2
That would be awesome!

Re: Fluffs and learning
By: / Novice
Post # 3

The issue is not so much with fluffs existing, but their laziness (exhibited by a large proportion), instead of searching for information themselves they expect it to be handed to them on a silver platter.

Instead of doing the research they want us to explain ,time and time again that you cannot turn into a mythical creature or that you cannot bend an element.

I too would like us to stop having to get frustrated at fluffs, but for once, I just wish people would do their research and actually read the material we have to offer instead of asking for mentors or an all in one deal on knowledge.

Re: Fluffs and learning
Post # 4
Well... Your idea is an idea that is more than likely mentioned many times. It is idealistic, but it is not something entirely capable of achieving on the Web. It can actually be really hard especially on a website like this that may establish some conflict with beliefs clashing together. There is a fine line between your beliefs and what cannot go against science.

Most reputable and serious members on any website do try to go out of their way to help the fluffs, but a lot of the fluffs do not want to listen and do lose their social privileges on a website for being argumentative & trollish. It eventually gets annoying for us to handle. It is possible that a fluff could be the same fluff someone tried helping yesterday but wouldn't listen and became a repeated offender.

There are a lot of factors that need to be taken into account, but this idea is easier said than done.

Re: Fluffs and learning
By: / Novice
Post # 5

My problem is not with the people that have fluffy ideas but are willing to learn. If someone will listen and learn, I have no problem with them. My issue is with the fluffs who think they are right no matter what. These are often the ones that insist they are vampires, or half-demons, or some other such ridiculousness. If you have a crazy idea and are willing to learn, you are ok. If you refuse to listen and learn then you are dying to be made fun of and I am more than happy to oblige.

There are many members on here who are willing to help teach people, point them in the right directions, covens that do actual teaching, etc. The resources and the people are there. All someone has to do is ask and be open to learning.

Re: Fluffs and learning
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Hello, I love that name because I was once gagged when I first signed onto the website and I don't know what for. But anyways, my issue isn't necesassirily about fluffs, but it is about someone that posted that they do readings for free so I enlisted their help and sent them the information that they requested and they emailed me stating that they have the information and that they will post my reading that night but they never did and I never heard anything back from them. I am chalking that up to the fact that some of the people on this website are very young and haven't matured to the extent of being responsible, so if someone post something stating that they are willing to assist, they should uphold their claim.

Blessed be.

Re: Fluffs and learning
Post # 7
What if people listened to the reasons why "fluffs" have their opinions. I am considered fluffy by a lot of people because I think you can move energy, or elemental energy but no one has asked why I believe people can do such a simple thing. People think that fluffs are ignorant when almost everyone I meet here is.

Re: Fluffs and learning
Post # 8
I'm not trying to attack people when I said that almost every one here is ignorant, I was trying to say that everyone has their ignorance and everyone should be willing to learn

Re: Fluffs and learning
Post # 9
A good judge of what is considered fluff or not is best to look at moderators posts or the site owner.

Petrarca, the site owner, has posted the following spells:

How to change the physical and,
get bigger breasts:

Oh wait... There are two breast spells he posted.

And how to physically change your eye colour:

Give someone and ugly face...
Gain weight.
Cure acne.

There are some people on here that profess that magic can not change the physical. That those that would attempt to are Fluffs. But lets keep in mind that the owner of this site posts how to change eye colour and get bigger breasts.

Of course, it begs the question. If posts about bigger breasts are ok, are posts about longer teeth (re: fluffy vampires) okay?

Re: Fluffs and learning
Post # 10
I agree, that would be a really good idea, the fluffs that do listen and want to learn, that's good! I myself woud help them, but then fluffs who dont listen, they ignore you. But still id try to help them, they are just beginners really, right? Maybe give them some links to sites and articles, recommend books, anything that will help them

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