Confirming a Spirit

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Confirming a Spirit
Post # 1
How do you all confirm that a spirit you experience is real? Spirit work and mysticism is an important part of magic for many, but how cam one verify their UPG involving a spirit? I have read a lot about techniques involving entheogens, meditation, and scrying but these experiences can be attributed to known causes other than metaphysical entities. Also some people hear and see spirits. How do they know these are not due to mental illness like schizophrenia? I'm not attacking anyone's practices, I would just like to discuss ways we can confirm a spirit objectively exists, and is not purely imaginary.
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Re: Confirming a Spirit
Post # 2
Also, people cite prayer to a deity and the wish coming true as evidence, but I do not agree that counts since there is no way of knowing what would have happened without prayer. Again, I am not attacking anyone's path, I'm only pointing out that people accept a lot of things as evidence that they should be questioning.
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Re: Confirming a Spirit
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The way I know is through information gathered from the spirit that I would otherwise not know that is confirmed accurate and physical manifestation (noises, moving objects, apparitions, etc.) witnessed by more than just me. That could include a pet's reaction although a fellow human is always better.

Of course, after a while such "confirmation" is not truly necessary all the time. Once you've established confirmation consistently that your senses are not deceiving you, you can interact with spirits more intuitively with confidence.

It shouldn't be guesswork. It shouldn't be doubted. If you fear your spirit is the equivalent of an imaginary friend, then you need to up your game and study, train, and practice more. Personally, I was just born with the ability to see, sense and hear spirits. I've scared and baffled enough full blown skeptics to feel confident that I'm not crazy. ;)
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Re: Confirming a Spirit
Post # 4
I would love to know how to contact spirits! I've wanted to do it for so long
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