Hi-Need Dire Assistance!

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Hi-Need Dire Assistance!
Post # 1
Hi, I need assistance, My son is 2 months old and I believe the father put a locator spell on him and a demon entity in my son: when he came back from visiting his father the newxt days, my son started to become cranky, fussy, and crying for no reasons: then it started: at 5pm or 6pm like clockwork he starts to move his arms like snakes and pokes himself in the eyes, pinches himself, until he starts to cry. I believe there is a demon spirit tormenting him: he moves his arms like they are not attched to his body.

Please HELP if anyone knows of an effective reverse spell or demon curse removal spell please share: I'm not certain of the exact name. My aunt years ago shared the name of that type of spell, but she no longer is with us: I was really young I cannot remember the name of the spell to remove the curse!

PLEASE HELP: My baby is also not eating as much and having trouble using the bathroom: the drs says hes fine, they do not know hes has an entity inside of him.

Is it possible to do a cleansing spell and cleanse him of the demon/entity?
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Re: Hi-Need Dire Assistance!
Post # 2
Thanks for responding. I really am nervous, he's Not my baby when this is happening, I didn't describe all his symptoms, also his father will call and ask what my son is doing and then tell me, like he already know.

My son is also is having disturbed sleep, I am sure he has an entity inside of him: any other suggestions, And I can move my question to another forum if needed!
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Re: Hi-Need Dire Assistance!
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Introduce Yourself.
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Re: Hi-Need Dire Assistance!
Post # 4
OK Thank You
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Re: Hi-Need Dire Assistance!
Post # 5
Also, I want to make sure I was making sense: this demon is a tormenting type, he does have a name and what he does to his victims is poppet them to pinch, hit, or control there arms altogether, also the victims is very emotional manly have episodes where they are angry/or violent.

I knew of people who was "crossed" or hex/cursed with this exact demon.

Also I know for sure that my little one has an locator spell on him, he goes in to trance and then he will mechanically follow my movements, then he snaps out of it and hes himself again/

I've seen both hexs on people and the first the demon curse, actually gets worst as long as the demon is attached to the person. The person become severely violent withdrawn other times, stop eating or only eat junk food, stop sleeping, stop being a human in general.

The locator spell is annoying rude and evasion of our privacy: his father has no right to use his son like this!
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