I need help on alters

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I need help on alters
Post # 1
I'm pretty new to Magic and I started reading up on alters. I have an incredibly small house so I was planning to have them in my closet (my closet is pretty big). So far I'm interested in Loki and Aphrodite. When I was reading up on Loki I saw that you can't have his alter next to certain alters and would Loki and Aphrodite be ok next to each other? Another concern I have is with the offerings. I have no problem doing them but what happens to the offering? (I must sound stupid rn). If anyone is interested in being my teacher or mentor message me because I could really use the help!
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Re: I need help on alters
Post # 2
I don't think there's a problem with Loki being next to Aphrodite on the same altar.
As for the offerings you make, the gods or goddesses obviously don't take them and make them vanish, so you obviously have to clean it up before making new offerings :P

Good luck :)
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Re: I need help on alters
Post # 3
I posted a picture of my altar in my pictures. You are welcome to take a look so you can get some ideas. I am missing my wand & a seashell, though.

I put it together real quick for a picture I could post here, so there are other things in it that shouldn't be too.

My altar is portable, by the way.
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Re: I need help on alters
Post # 4
best thing to do about loki is do some more reading and see who he has a grudge against
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Re: I need help on alters
By: Moderator / Novice
Post # 5
From someone who has worked with the Greek deities most of her life, the Greeks think overly highly of Themselves. Like They are number one. Mixing pantheons is a touchy subject, but it isn't like it can't be done. My Greek altars are on one side of the room, while one other altar dedicated to another Goddess from another pantheon, is on the other side of my room. So I would say space them out, especially if you haven't worked or have had previous experience with household worship. Work with Them separately, because energies could clash if you called Them together during the same spell, ritual, prayer, ect.
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