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I need help
Post # 1
I need to know if I've become the target of any type of magic. In the past two weeks things have really gone downhill with the people around me. Every friend I have trusted has either back stabbed me or started disliking me for near to no reason. I haven't done anything wrong and it's all strange that it's happened with ALL of them at the same time. All 6 of them, all with different reasons.
Is it possible that this is black magic changing the attitude of my best friends towards me?
No I don't maintain any form of spiritual defense.. I never really thought I'd need to.
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Re: I need help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
how many people around you practice black magic?

If you have people around you who do, then you ought to take some measures?

Sounds morel ike someone started a rumor or you just angered one of your friends and the commiserated with the other friends?

You dont present any evidence in your post of black magic; just some bad corners in relationships over the last two weeks.

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Re: I need help
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Maybe it's you not them? Six people is an awful lot. I don't believe the most advanced magician or witch out there could pull that off so quickly.

What type of magick have you done lately? What emotions and thoughts have you been projecting? Things like this start to brew on the inside. Balance within creates balance around you. Chaotic emotions and a negative focus can just as easily manifest in your life. Within your practice you work to focus your will to manifest change, right? That's what magick is bare bones. So why would you think it has an off switch? It doesn't. That's why it's important for a magick practitioner to focus within and handle their internal issues as they arise. It is extremely easy to sabotage yourself with fears, doubts, anxiety, guilt, or anger. Know thyself then fix it.
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