Interactions with the Fae

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Interactions with the Fae
Post # 1
So, currently. I live in a household with 3 noisy children (who can be a bit bratty at times) but a rather wild backyard (which apparently is going to get mowed down so we don't get fined, even though it looks beautiful) and some wild flowers and mums in the front yard. My mom used to interact somewhat with the fae and she thinks that I used to as well when I was little. Anyway, I'm not sure if I want to attract any or what, but I've been really interested in maybe seeing them or something...? I've been doing some research and mainly trying to learn about protection, different types of fae, and the like. So, I thought maybe some tips, insight, anything really from people who have experience with fae? Advice on attraction, repellent, protection, interaction, vocabulary, seeing fae, offerings, anything that can come to mind.I'm not looking to hurt them or anger them; hurting the fae or anything like that would be a last resort for me. Any words for me, I suppose. Especially if you've a lot of knowledge of or experiences with or even any sources about the fae.
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Re: Interactions with the Fae
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
One of my favorite books on the fae is The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by Evans-Wentz which you can find in the public domain at websites like sacred texts. But my absolute most re-read is the Field Guide to the Little People by Arrowsmith because it not only explains them very well but additionally gives nuggets of gold throughout it about what they like and what wards against the more vicious ones such as night elves aka hags.

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Re: Interactions with the Fae
Post # 3
Thank you for those reccomendations, WhiteRav3n! I will definitely look those up.
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