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Hey all
Post # 1
Hey I'm new-ish to the website and magic, I looked into it when I was younger when I was looking into different religions. Anyway I found this website and started to practice magic here and there. trying to meditate, focus my mind, and what have you, but I never really got any results that I noticed. As most teenagers do I lost interest in practicing it, still something kept me coming back to this site and looking in to it I just didn't practice it. Now it's five years after that and I decided to give the practice another try. If there is anyone who would be willing to give me some advice I would really appreciate it. (One last tidbits of info the other day I was trying to enter a trance and managed to, but my friend texted me and broke my concentration since then I have tried to, but no result if you have any pointers please help me. also when I was younger I found myself trapped in my body on a couple occasions, but on one occasion I was able to get up out of my body and move around but it was like I was covered in weighs and couldn't get far from myself before I was right back in my body.)
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Re: Hey all
Post # 2
Well I have to say first things first, a big warm welcome to you! You sound like you have a good understanding of yourself and to recognise that you have seen limitations and had failures is a very mature and wise quality indeed. And despite those set back in the past, you always get back on the saddle to have another go, which shows you don't give up easy and you also believe in yourself too. Every single one of us has gone through transitions and phases such as these, and all of us every time get better at it and learn from our previous downfalls . In terms of your magik practise, I actually only very recently made a post about how to make your spells work better for you, here is the link :)
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