I need help,

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I need help,
Post # 1
Hello everyone,

I just found out things.. about myself, i always was a strange kid, while everyone is busy with make up and other girly things ...i was further.. Somewhere in a world with only trees, earth, and water, full of the creations of god/allah, the animals, the seas. I always felt attracted to the nature, its some kind of magnetic energie. That something special is hidden into its beauty. While others where still stuck in their iphones, while i was in the forest.. Looking at the vieuw, thinking about the love and what the power of the nature and god gave us.. After all this i did research and i ended here.. im really confused, and i dont know what to do with this.. Am i a witch? (I dont like that label anyways, because of what the history did). Im always the person who helps people, even the person who got left out after my good deeds.. I am there helping anyone i can. I feel its my (our) duty to protect this earth from the posions of men.. I see beauty in every organism, and i can never hurt anyone, Why do i feel so attached to the elements.. What is happening.. anyone tell me... I get dreams that become real, or have a meaning of this that are happening. Somethimes i come somewhere in a house and i suddenly remember that place, while i have never been there before. Its like some shot.. I always loved crystals, trees and flowers.. Can someone explain things to me?
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Re: I need help,
Post # 2

It's a natural feeling to want to know more. I know how you feel, because I started out feeling the same way. But this doens't mean you're a witch. A witch is simply someone who practices witchcraft, that's all there is to it. It doesn't make you strange, either. You're unique and different, and that's perfectly alright!

Nothing bad is happening to you, so there's nothing to worry about.

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Re: I need help,
Post # 3
Thanks for your reply :)
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Re: I need help,
Post # 4

Most welcome. :)

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