New one here(:

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New one here(:
Post # 1
Hello everyone!
Well, I've been around here for a few months, reading some articles, spells and forums and now I decided to write something about me. I'm not really sure of where to start, but I actually don't want to write my name so this is a little bit weird (and new) for me.
I don't remember when I started to feel really attracted to magic and energies, but I think it also has to be with my thirst for knowledge. I feel curious about everything! And, yeah, I guess it's also related to my sensibility with energies and some... ghosts? I don't know how to call them. I can feel the entities, but I'm not good seeing them. My older sister is the one who sees. It's like a family thing.
I've been studying a lot since I'm like 13 (now I'm 18), but i've never actually made a spell cast eventhough i've written some. I'm still trying to figure it out what's my way in magic, because I've read a lot of everything, but I'm sure I'm not comfortable with everything. I think I'm inclined to nature, energy and astral sruff, but there's so much left to know and learn...! That's why I'd like to talk with people that have different opinions and belief, so they can teach me about themselves. I'd also love to have a guide in this long road, so if there's someone out there reading this, here I am!
What more can I say? I study Socio-cultural Anthropology and I don't feel I really belong somewhere but the entire world and maybe beyond, who knows. I love art, social sciences and humanities. My guitar is my lover, literature escape and music my savior.

PS: My native tongue is not english so maybe there are some incoherent and weird stuff written up there haha

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Re: New one here(:
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
Don't worry! Your English is very good!
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